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GOVERNMENT ENEMIES (#government-enemies)



Scientists Told to Not Consider Grazing Due to Fear of Lawsuits and Data Gaps

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is carrying out an ambitious plan to map ecological trends throughout the Western U.S. but has directed scientists to exclude livestock grazing as a possible factor in changing landscapes, according to a scientific integrity complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).


Government agencies “have put on scientific blinders when it comes to public lands grazing,” stated PEER. Cows outnumber wild horses on BLM lands by a ratio of more than 30 to 1 (in 2021). While wild horses do have impacts of their own, coherent landscape and recovery planning require a hard look at the millions of cows foraging increasingly stressed rangelands.”


$1000 Adoption incentive Program AIP – Gives any applicant a horse and they recieve $500 after pickup, and one year later they recieve another $500 and the title to the horse. Once they recieve the title, the protected mustang looses all of its federal protections, and the owner can then sell directly to slaughter ( even though they signed a declaration that they wouldn’t). There are many repeat offenders documented. BLM knows all about it, and what’s happening to these once federally protected mustangs and hasn’t made any attempt to fix it.

‘These ($1000) AIP Horses are being flipped at Horse Auctions as soon as the incentative is paid. ** At the Local Auctions Wild Horses & Burros are bought by Slaughter Buyers and Shipped to Packing Plants in Mexico & Canada. And to Bi-Product Plants in the USA. ** The Sale Authority Horses have absolutely no Protection as they are sold on a Bill Of Sale and can be Flipped by the Buyer as soon as the Buyer Recieves the Bill Of Sale. ** Most Sale Authority Wild Horses & Burros get shipped directly from the Nearest Local Auction to the Nearest Slaughter or Bi-Product Plant” – AS

aug 16 18  THE TRUTH #23 – The BLM to combine sales and adoptions on the same application form, making it easier to hide how many wild horses and burros are actually being sold (into the slaughter pipeline) in their records.  -WHFF (Tags: BLM,records, combine sales and adoptions, wild horses and burros, sold WHB,slaughter pipeline,FOIA, emails,  emails BLM-Rob Sharp ‘25 horses a day’ not per six months -regarding IM 2018-066, IM 2018-066, Rob Sharp, Wendy Rickman, Patti Wilson, AIP, Adoption Incentive Program)

ABUSE – Our Government Agencies Inhumane Tactics

The very people ‘set to protect the horses and burros from inhumane treatment’, are ‘NOW the most ruthless’ when it comes to allowing, promoting, and contracting people to cause inhumane treatment of these ‘supposedly federally protected horses and burros’.

Our government has changed the laws AGAINST the WHB so many times in the last 50 years, they can now legally do all the things the original 1959 – 1971 law intended to prevent, and more.

Here is an archived video 2012 The Story of America’s Wild Horses and Burros – BLM.

BLM makes claims there is a small mortality rate of 1% and that helicopters are less dangerous ‘if done right’. Unfortunately for horses, evidence compiled by advocacy groups over the years, which is why they are now limiting public viewing to over a mile away at all roundups so documentation is more difficult. Advocates repeatedly show they ‘aren’t done right’ and are regulary violating the BLM’s Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy for helicopter drives.

We have documentation of them running horses into barbed wire, horses and their foals are often ran over ten miles until exhaustion, death, broken legs, hit with the helicopters, and even their feet run right of them (literally).

And once in the corrals, even more death and injury occurs with regular occurrences of broken necks, legs, and other defects (age <over 11>, club foot, blindness, excessive tooth wear, crooked legs, injured knee, sway backed) that are certain death sentences.

There is ‘nothing humane’ about the disruption of family bands, stealing family members away from their homeland with permanent separation of their loved ones, murder of innocent animals, abuse, torture, brutal ovariectomies, permanent sterilization (ending their ability to carry on the genes which is needing viable survival of species and genetically different herds), and then imprisonment in dirty, overcrowded facilities. While some may make it to long term pastures that already have reached peak capacity, how are they able to take more. We need to FOIA these facility records. Often these horses disappear and no ones the wiser as most locations are on private contracted properties.

Top it off with the BLM and DOI knowinglying‘ sending these horses to slaughter through their adoption AIP program which has plenty of documentation after Pulitzer price reporter Martha Mendoza broke open the story in 1997, only to have it shut down by an internal DOI to cover-up. Plus adoptees taking the $1000 cash, only to sell them off to kill pens a year later, or even sooner with no oversight of the program.

Put yourself in their shoes, and consider:

Would ‘you’ be ok with this occuring to you and your family?


NATIONAL WHB ADVISORY BOARD (#whb-advisory-board)

Next public meeting: oct 4-6, 2022

Government funded – has focus on sterilization that will make horse reproduction unviable to herd survival in the future. They also want to kill off all of the horses they currently have in custody.

Currently 3 members expired in sep 2021 and replacements who applied have not been announced. Leads to question whether it is currently just cattle ranchers running the board?
Ms. Celeste Carlisle, Dr. Thomas Lenz, Dr. Barry Perryman

Three other members expire on 10/09/2022. See all profiles below:

Board Member profiles – shows ‘major’ conflicts of interests

Advisory board meetings

Advisory Board File Archives

2011-2020 WHB advisory board meeting videos

2019 Boises meeting – (2010 – Current) Wild Horse and Burro Research and Related Projects

1976 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : June 3-4, 1976, John Day, Oregon

1975 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : September 4-5, 1975, Rock Springs, Wyoming

1975  National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : December 5-6, 1975, Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California https://archive.org/details/proceedingsnatio00cali

1974 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : (March 26-27) Washington D.C

1973 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros, (March 21 & 23) Denver, Colorado

1973 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : Lake Havasu City, Arizona, (November 6, 7, 8) https://archive.org/details/proceedingsnatio00ariz

1973 National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros : July 16-17 Billings, Montana https://archive.org/details/proceedingsnatio00mont

1973  National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros, (January 12-13) Salt Lake City, Utah

American Association of Equine Practitioners – #AAEP #AmericanAssociationofEquinePractitioners

Supporters: slaughter of horses for human consumption

May 26 22 https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF17/20220526/114843/HHRG-117-IF17-20220526-SD019.pdf   archive  letter sent to Representative Janice D. Schakowsky and  Gus M. Bilirakis –  Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee on Energy and Commerce
“our strong opposition to the passage of H.R. 3355 the Save America’s Forgotten Equines Act of 2021”

Jan 29 20 https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF14/20200129/110423/HHRG-116-IF14-Wstate-CoreyD-20200129.pdf   archive  Testimony Douglas G. Corey, D.V.M. Past President American Association of Equine Practitioners “Improving Safety and Transparency in America’s Food and Drugs”

American Farm Bureau (#american-farm-bureau) (#AFB)

AFBF urges Congress to provide and require federal agencies to utilize management tools including roundups, long term and permanent fertility control, adoption and sale without limitations.

Annual Lobbying by American Farm Bureau $1,980,000 Total Lobbying Expenditures, 2021

THEIR POLICY : The federal government must support:

  • Acknowledging that wild horses and burros are feral animals;
  • Maintaining a thriving natural ecological balance on the range for all multiple uses (as long as you don’t count their livestock being a factor in the degradation and destruction to the land)
  • Effective and efficient fertility control including sterilizations to minimize population growth and reduce the cost of gathers;
  • Utilizing any humane method of removing excess wild horses and burros from the range including, but not limited to, the use of helicopters, bait and traps and lethal control;
  • Transferring title of wild horses immediately upon adoption; (This would leads to instant sale to kill buyers)
  • Horses and burros that have been held in government captivity for more than six months and are deemed unsuitable for adoption being sold without limitation to the highest bidder or being euthanized;
  • Proportional reduction in wild horse and burro numbers in the event livestock numbers have to be reduced for any reason;
    (WHBA note: As long as you don’t do ‘proportional removal of livestock’ when factoring the actual livestock ratio compared to ‘protected’ wild horses and burros over the years as high as 92:1 (2002-2018), and 30:1 in 2021 as noted by PEER).
  • Amending the Act to allow states and tribes the option to manage horses and burros within their respective boundaries; and
  • The development of a program to systematically transfer unadoptable mustangs and burros to third world countries as humanitarian effort for the use as small-scale draft animals, transportation and other domestic uses. (which could also lead to food consumption)
  • farm bureau archive

American Veterinary Medical Association – #AVMA   #AmericanVeterinaryMedicalAssociation

Supporters: slaughter of horses for human consumption

May 26 22  https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF17/20220526/114843/HHRG-117-IF17-20220526-SD023.pdf   archive   letter sent to Representative Janice D. Schakowsky and  Gus M. Bilirakis –  Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee on Energy and Commerce
“While the AVMA appreciates the intent of H.R. 3355, the SAFE Act, is to protect horses, the bill is not consistent with AVMA policy on Transportation and Processing of Equines, which endorses the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) policy stating, “The AAEP recognizes that the processing of unwanted horses is currently a necessary aspect of the equine industry”

President: Drew Lesofski

Andrew J. Lesofski of Washington D.C., is listed as the President.  Andrew (AKA Drew)  and at one time was a lobbyist for the lobbying firm District Strategies, a company that lobbied for the State of Nevada.  He is also a past vice president of Big Game Forever.  Andrew’s wife, Emy Lesofski, worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for Sen. Dean Heller (2011-2013) and is currently listed as a professional staff member to the Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment and Related Agencies and also the Committee on Senate Appropriations.  His father is James H. Sadler.  James H. Sadler of Missoula, Montana is listed as the Secretary of American Mustang Foundation.  Sadler ran for the Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees.  He was an attorney.  The following quotes were cited from a news article in the June 13, 1984, Missoulian, “Former Missoula lawyer faces five theft charges.” “In 1983 Sadler voluntarily surrendered his license to practice law after unspecified charges were brought before the state Bar Association. – WHE

tax – not located Since Contact / About


Jan 2 20  WHFF FOIA Fingers Alleged Wild Horse & Burro Advocates Attended Secret Meeting with Pro-Slaughter Groups Tammy Pearson, RTF (Neda Mayo), American Mustang Foundation (Drew Lesofski), FREES (Redge Johnson), Utah state Univ. (Eric Thacker), HSUS

Note red dots on images. Andrew noted this company as his website in first image. Likely he has no connection to this auto parts page.

FREES (#frees)

FREES-2020 SUMMIT – videos – this produced the CONGRESSIONAL REPORT that is now implemented.

2020 Summit – Healthy Horses on Healthy Rangelands Business Plan – REDGE JOHNSON 

11:32 – 13:43 Managing the herd for the best genetics – Don’t mix them (herds) to make a perfect animal. “Blm says I’m gonna take the best animal off, because those are the ones I can adopt out, I don’t have to put them in long term holding. Anybody who operates a ranch or a breeding facility will tell you, that’s the very worst thing you can do, cause what youre doing is your decreasing your genetics on the range, and then you’re only producing an inferior product. What you want to be able to do is produce the best product that you can so it is adoptable into the future. So BLM if your listening, keep your best genetics on the range, and take the worst genetics off so that in the future we have adoptable animals.  But if all your bringing off is horses with crooked legs, and issues, they are not adoptable.

#WHBA – I found an interesting point where even ‘he recognized’ that removal of the best of the horses per herd for adoption is the worst thing you can do for ‘genetics of the herd’ and this is the same for all species. BLM knows this, and they do this with intention so that the long term viability of the herd becomes riddled with the worse genetics of the herds. In future: these horses will be deformed, show serious health issues, and possibly not able to carry foals to term. Overall will create a herd of weak gene animals and an unpromising prognosis for the future of the herds. BLM POLICY – IM 2009-062 WILD HORSE AND BURRO GENETIC BASELINE SAMPLING 09/30/2010 – Current

14:33 – #WHBA – Making Tribal lands partners opens up a easy access point for slaughter pipeline. Tribal doesn’t follow our laws protecting the horses.

JOHN RUHS (#john-ruhs)

Nevada State Director BLM

Coming soon

34:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRjqrOF0GNI

Nevada Department of Wildlife (#NDOW) & Nevada Board Of Wildlife Commissioners (#NBWC)

Supports: Path Forward, all FERTILITY procedures, and NV roundups


Nov 4 21   Draft – Proposed Revisions Coalition for Healthy Nevada Lands, Wildlife &and Free-Roaming Horses  – State Of Nevada Board Of Wildlife Commissioners

  • 3. The NBWC supports the intent of the Path Forward developed and approved in April 2019 by humane, livestock, and range management interests, acknowledging that increasing population of FRHB requires immediate management actions. The NBWC supports the Path Forward’s three main precepts of targeted gathers and removals, increased adoptions, leased pastures, and use of fertility inhibitors based on efficacy. The NBWC believes that the 20-year time frame to reach AML as specified in the Path Forward will allow the continued degradation of wildlife habitat. The NBWC supports any opportunities for a FRHB gather program to achieve AML in a much shorter time frame.
  • 4. The NBWC supports management actions based on scientific research: on FRHB,
    on use of public land resources and on development of best management practices. (as long as livestock reduction, or true usage and degradation is ignored and not incorporated into the project plan)
  • 5. The NBWC supports collaboration of stakeholders and agency managers to develop
    best practices in managing FRHB within a thriving ecological balance with wildlife,
    plants, and pollinators.
    (WHBA notes: stakeholders included: livestock ranchers, mine and energy leasers)
  • 6. The NBWC and NDOW shall provide letters of support for projects or plans proposed
    by BLM or other agencies managing FRHB
     that propose actions to achieve AML in
    agreement with objectives of this policy.
  • 7. NDOW shall provide to NBWC, on an annual basis and in concert with the BLM and
    other agencies managing free-roaming horses and burros, a listing of those areas
    where FRHB are having the most significant impact on wildlife habitat. Prioritization
    is focused on those habitats critical for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Sage Grouse and
    other threatened or sensitive wildlife. Upon NBWC approval, the report will
    accompany a NBWC request to those agencies for the removal of excess horses
    and burros to AML on HMA lands and be totally removed from non HMA lands
    (WHBA notes: no mention of removal of livestock at all)
  • 8. The NBWC supports and recognizes the urgency of removal of FRHB outside HMA’s
    and reduction of horses within HMA’s
     to their Appropriate Management Level to
    provide critical resources to wildlife in maintaining a “thriving natural ecological
  • 9. Because of Nevada’s limited water sources, the NBWC asks NDOW, together with
    BLM, The Sagebrush Ecosystem Council, other public land agencies and water right
    holders, to identify and invest in efforts to ensure that these water sources remain
    available to wildlife, fish and invertebrates and to keep or restore riparian functions.
    (WHBA notes: livestock and energy extractors use an enormous amount of water, no mention of reducing their impacts in their state dealing with record droughts and water shortages)

nov 27 21 National Department of Wildlife (NDOW) – SJR3 Proposed Amendment – American Wild Horse Campaign

Partners in the Sage (#partners-in-the-sage)

While they make good efforts towards repairing the land, they believe that wild horses interfere with their overall project success. They don’t have a problem with cattle or ranchers utilizing the land, or acknowledge the damage created by the livestock over a hundred years of permitted, and not permitted heavy grazing.

Protect The Harvest (#protect-the-harvest)

“Forest Lucas, owner of Lucas Oil and founder of Protect the Harvest is a personal friend of Vice President Pence. Previously they have collaborated in the case of a father and son ranching family who were jailed for arson on public lands in eastern Oregon. VP Pence and Mr Lucas secured a pardon by President Trump for the Hammonds. That came after the Hammond jail sentence to meet the minimum sentence was rallied against sparking an armed srtand-off in eastern Oregon. That stand-off was led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy (sons of Cliven) who are well-known anti-federal government, cowboys who believe public lands should not be managed by the federal government. The stand-off was staged after the armed group took over a federal building in a wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon.


Protect the Harvest is also one of the leading organizations promoting the surgical experiments to perform wild mare sterilizations. When BLM was stopped by CAES from doing these experiments, the BLM colluded with Protect the Harvest to have members of the organization purchase horses from the BLM and do experiments on them which circumvented the AWA regulations for experimenting on wildlife because once a wild horse is purchased they lost their wild status and become legally labelled as livestock, thus following livestock laws for the procedures which are much less protective for the animal.

Has Protect the Harvest done any scientific studies on the chemicals in spayed mares that are sent to slaughter for human consumption? Our lawsuit against the spays discussed the use of chemicals that would present a health hazard to animals who prey on wild horses and ingest the meat. So Protect the Harvest cannot say they support slaughter, and at the same time send animals that are full of toxic chemicals, including ones from these surgical experiments that are known to be dangerous for any consumer of the meat.”

TAMMY PEARSON (#tammy-pearson)

The current Commissioner for Beaver County, Utah, a part of the team that created the Path Forward to eradicate and sterilize the WHB.

july 17 20    Video: An update on Wild Horses  – The County Seat
At interval (:55)  She states: “Common sense and accountability”…. Interesting choice of words Tammy. Frisco HMA AML is 30-60 horses for the entire HMA. They were above the recommendation and after removal of 145 during the Sept 2020 roundup, it left a total of 105 estimated horses.

Yet she has 3558 active livestock on a small portion of the Frisco HMA (Beaver Lake allotment, according to Feb 2021 report). Not to mention her other allotments on public lands that currently allow for: Permitted AUM 11,822 though only 6,019 are active due to suspended use from drought and land degradation.

There are four other grazing allotments in that herd management area for other ranchers. Want to know how many more livestock occupy this HMA, visit  Frisco HMA and see for yourself. Did you forget to tell them about all the government subsidies your family has received by taxpayers over the last 20 years? 

Tammy Pearson which has received $14,546 Total USDA Subsidies  1995-2020 and for
Pearsons Ranch which has received $1,028,596   Total USDA Subsidies  1995-2020.

Shocking that people keep believing the repeated lies that come out of your mouths. That horses are solely ‘all the blame’, not the cattle and years of abuse by ranchers for their lack of ‘common sense and accountability’.  

At interval (4:27) – Tammy Pearson… if I had the magic wand, I would get the numbers down to AML and keep them there”. –  I guess that’s why she applied for and was added on Jan 1 2021 – Jan 11 2024 to the National WHB Advisory Board (as a Public Interest (Equine Behavior). Now she can make recommendations with ‘other cattle rancher’ board members on a national level. Decisions as to whether they will send the horses in long term holding pastures to certain death as has been proposed and against the wishes of the majority of public.

The horses that are lucky enough to avoid the legal slaughter pipeline after the roundup and actually make to the pastures are ripped from their families, segregated, and sterilized. All so there is no competition with their cheap grazing allotments on our public lands.

This is a direct conflict of interest of the ‘federally protected wild horses.’

Did you see the article that PEER put out Scientists Told to Not Consider Grazing Due to Fear of Lawsuits and Data Gaps ?

Noted in – AWHC Seeks Reversal of WHBAB Appointment – “‘Pearson Ranch’ in the Operator Information report from RAS, authorization #4304328. The Allotment Information report ties the authorization number to the Minersville #5 UT06105, Smithson UT06209 and Beaver Lake UT06215 allotments.

The Allotment Master report has two in the Improve category and one in the Custodial category.  Pearson holds most of the active AUMs in Minersville and all of the active AUMs in Smithson and Beaver Lake, which is just one of the five allotments located in the Frisco HMA. The wild horse allowance for the entire HMA is 30-60. (estimated at around 100 after the last violent helicopter roundup)

Noted in – New Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Members Announced, “Pearson was appointed to the public interest position. She was part of the threat by Beaver county to illegally remove wild horses in the county on BLM land and the push for The Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014, H.R. 5058 that would turn over management actions concerning wild horses on federal land to the states,  both during the Bunkerville standoff. She runs livestock in the Frisco HMA in Utah and is openly pro horse slaughter. She was a presenter at the invite only Summit of the Wild Horse (that has driven directives in the wild horse and burro program for the last 4 years) and a participant in “Ten Years to AML.”

“Tammy Pearson will be new to many advocates. A fast glance at her social media reveals that she appears to be a climate change denier, sent letters against Covid restrictions, and that she celebrated the pardon of  Commissioner Phil Lyman (who led 50 ATV riders down Recapture Canyon which the Bureau of Land Management closed to motorized traffic, as a protest against federal overreach on public lands).”

IN THE NEWS – Tammy Pearson

dec 11 21  New Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Members Announced – WHE

Sep 1 21  Activists fought rounding up U.S. wild horses Video or helicopter chasing horses /  Tammy Pearson, a rancher and county commissioner in Beaver County, Utah, is a founding member of the Path Forward coalition. 

Jul 22 21  https://fm100.com/podcasts/tammy-pearson-on-the-state-of-ranching-being-the-first-women-commissioner-in-beaver-county-and-free-roaming-horses/  PODCAST: talks about her ranching land, how most of her ranching family has died and her partners run the show now, blm says no winter range for their livestock in utah, horses. Self preservation mode is why she took the job.

feb 21 21 Bernhardt’s parting shot to wild horses – appoints Tammy Pearson to WHB advisory board – Susanne Roy

feb 21 21 AWHC Seeks Reversal of WHBAB Appointment –WHW
“‘Pearson Ranch’ in the Operator Information report from RAS, authorization #4304328.
The Allotment Information report ties the authorization number to the Minersville #5 UT06105, Smithson UT06209, and Beaver Lake UT06215 (Frisco HMA) allotments. The Allotment Master report has two in the Improve category and one in the Custodial category.  Pearson holds most of the active AUMs in Minersville and all of the active AUMs in Beaver Lake and Smithson. In the custodial allotment, public lands represent 42% of the total area and 61% of the total AUMs.

Dec 1 20  https://www.deere.com/en/publications/the-furrow/2020/december-2020/energy-valley/  ENERGY VALLEY -The 10,000 acres of rangeland that Tammy Pearson and her family members operate on the western flanks of the Mineral Mountains is surrounded by rugged scenery. It looks little different than what cowboys saw on the 19th century range. With one exception, that is. About 1,500 acres of the Pearson range is covered with solar panels, and the electricity they gather trickles northward to the Intermountain Power Plant in Delta, then flows to California. There’s a ready market waiting for this renewable energy; even the social media giant Facebook has signed up to buy electrons that originated on the valley floor near the town of Milford.

jul 17 20    Video: An update on Wild Horses  – The County Seat
“Common sense and accountability”…. Interesting choice of words. Frisco AML is 30-60 horses (2020 est 100 after roundup) for the entire HMA, yet you yourself have 3558 active livestock on that small portion of the Frisco HMA (Beaver Lake allotment). There are four other grazing allotments in that herd management area. Want to know how many more livestock occupy this HMA, visit  Frisco HMA and see for yourself. Shocking that people keep believing the lies that come out of your mouths, that horses are all the blame, not the cattle. Did you see the article that PEER put out Scientists Told to Not Consider Grazing Due to Fear of Lawsuits and Data Gaps -WHBadvocacy

Jan 2 20  WHFF FOIA Fingers Alleged Wild Horse & Burro Advocates Attended Secret Meeting with Pro-Slaughter Groups Tammy Pearson, RTF (Neda Mayo), American Mustang Foundation (Drew Lesofski), FREES (Redge Johnson), Utah state Univ. (Eric Thacker), HSUS

dec 16 19   Welfare and subsidy rancher Tammy Pearson – People are so delusional and dramatic…”Absolute Destruction”…really??  https://www.facebook.com/tammy.pearson.50999/posts/10220915446465236

sep 19 19   How America’s wild horses end up in slaughterhouses abroad 

Aug 1 18  Wild Horse Roundtable Yields Consensus On Thinning Herds     That includes capturing and removing from public land about 90,000 horses so they won’t compete with livestock and wildlife for food and water.  Republican Congressman Chris Stewart, who calls himself a horse lover, said no one wants to see the horses, the land and rural Utah communities suffering. In a previous version of his amendment, Stewart gave the BLM authority to euthanize healthy horses in government corrals. But that’s no longer part of his proposal. 

feb 22 17    Utah lawmakers set out to wrangle wild horses from BLM’s control – and possibly slaughter them for meat

Jan 23 16   County commissioners voice land use complaints against feds

TOM DAVIS (#tom-davis)

BLM contractor who became a notorious wild horse buyer (from BLM) and seller of 1700 animals federally protected WHB, knowing they were heading to slaughter plants.

Heavily documented by AP reporter Martha Mendoza, then followed up by FOIA evidence acquired by advocates over the years.

How does he continue to be allowed to repeatedly get away with getting so many horses? …. see #truth23 (emails BLM Rob Sharp)

WISH LIST: Original version of case # DOI – OI-CO-13-0004-I with ‘full unredacted’ content. If you have it and want to share to this project, contact


Must Reads – Informative – Documented

Sep 28 12   All the Missing Horses: What Happened to the Wild Horses Tom Davis Bought From the Gov’t? – ProPublica – Dave Phillips  original purchase docs 2009-11-tom davis – Lena Groeger (ProPublica)        Tom or Myrt Davis 1-16-08 applications (Lena Groeger – ProPublica), Myrt Davis noted on page 2, interviewer Sally Spencer, 2009 CO Brand Inspections for Tom Davis – (Krista Kjellman Schmidt – ProPublica)  (TAGS: 2009-11,Tom Davis, 120 wild horse, wild horse, $10, purchase records, multiple facilities, fallon NV, palomino NV, salt lake prep UT, canon city CO, Litchfield CA, Teterville West KS, Rock Springs WY, tom davis application, brand inspection, mexico, Canada, Ken Salazar, john Salazar, Dept of Agriculture Colorado,Dennis Chavez, Sonny Chavez, exporters, horse slaughter, book ‘Be Tough or be Gone’, BLM, Sally Spencer,kill buyers, adobe town Wyoming, grey beard, laura leigh, Sandra Longley, Burns OR, 29 pregnant mares, 92 horses high rock CA, santa fe investigation, Ginger Kathrens, Cloud foundation, 2012 adoption contracts

oct 28 15  – THE STORY OF TOM DAVIS, THE BLM, AND 1,700 AMERICAN WILD HORSES WHO DISAPPEARED – well written and informative – Needs to be rewritten with attached links to evidence

Oct 23 15   OIG press release of BLM Wild Horse Buyer TOM DAVIS

Oct 23 15   DOI – OI-CO-13-0004-r  Investigative Activity Report 2-6-14 of BLM Wild Horse Buyer TOM DAVIS – OIG public version   

jul 7 15  DOI – OI-CO-13-0004-I   Investigative Activity Report 2-6-14 of BLM Wild Horse Buyer TOM DAVIS – FOIA version (important info blacked out)

Aug 7 17    THE TRUTH #1 – BLM’s Sally Spencer offered to sell 10,000 wild horses to someone in Canada, and also suggested changing language on the Bill of Sale to facilitate this sale to slaughter – WHFF  (Tags: 2008, Sally Spencer, Don Glenn, emails, Nick Alidoosti, ecogranite@gmail.com, Canada, Saskatchewan, long term pasture in Kansas, (36), wild horses, sell 10,000 wild horses, bill of sale, handwritten notes, slaughter, Euthanasia, BLM, Congress, FOIA, Dr. Patricia Haight, Cindy MacDonald, American Herds, WHFF)

Aug 10 17    THE TRUTH #2 – Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation investigation: the paper trail of wild horses to slaughter – from authorization for sale by BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program Division Chief, Dean Bolstad to kill buyer Tom Davis, to kill buyer Dennis Chavez, then to Mexico for likely slaughter – WHFF  (Tags: Dean Bolstad , Tom Davis, Dennis Chavez, S/W Livestock auction, Importer -Eleazar Mares Anaya, wild horses, slaughter, Mexico, Litchfield CA, freezmarks, BLM, USDA APHIS, health certificates,EWA, WHFF, Carol Walker)

aug 10 17    THE TRUTH #3 – The timeline of kill buyer Tom Davis, who bought almost 1,800 wild horses & burros from the BLM, including BLM emails about him – WHFF  (Tags: Tom Davis, shipping manifest, Sally Spencer, Fran Ackley, Don Glenn, Dona Bastian, Jared Redingotn, Lester T. Duke, Bea Wade, Videll Retterath, Doug Satica, Stacy Peters, John Neil, wild horse, pregnant mares, BLM, DOI, OIG, Canon City Prison NV, Rock Springs WY, Palomino Valley NV, Fallon NV, Litchfield CA, Burns, slaughter,Teterville West Long Term Holding Pasture KS, cover up, corruption)

aug 10 17    THE TRUTH #4 – BLM’s Supervisory Marketing Specialist, Sally Spencer, signed off on TWO Bills of Sales for 214 horses, AFTER receiving an “Early Alert” email informing her (and other Washington DC office BLM/DoI officials) that Tom Davis was suspected of selling wild horses to slaughter in Mexico – WHFF Carol Walker (Tags: Tom Davis, shipping manifest, Sally Spencer, emails, wild horse, bills of sale, Fallon, Indian Lakes Facility, Palomino valley, Department of Agriculture Colorado, early warning, David Phillips, reporter, slaughter, Mexico, cover up, corruption)

aug 15 17    THE TRUTH #5 – Kill buyer Tom Davis admitted to DoI OIG investigators that he knew wild horses went to “kill plants” (slaughter) – WHFF Carol Walker (Tags: Tom Davis, Charro Rodeo, wild horse, wild burro, kill plant, slaughter, rodeo stock, bucking bronchos, breeding wild horses, unadoptables, BLM boss – she, contracts, DOI, OIG, interview, FOIA, CA, TX, AZ, MEXICO, Chihuahua, gelded, nuts hanging)

aug 23 17   THE TRUTH #6 – Kill Buyer Tom Davis paid the BLM only $17,940 for 1,794 wild horses & burros, but the BLM paid $145,704.60 to ship these animals to Davis – WHFF  Carol Walker (Tags: Tom Davis, wild horse, shipping manifest, BLM, Canon City Prison, Palomino Valley, PVC, Fallon, slaughter)

dec 3 21 Is Tom Davis At It Again? see comments from long time advocate John Cox. Indian Reservations are not subject to America’s slaughter ban law.

May 17 21   Wild horses going to Slaughter, you can bet BLM knows about it! – ISPMB

may 31 16 How American mustangs end up in Canadian slaughterhouses

Oct 23 15  Federal report: Colorado wild horse buyer sold mustangs for slaughter

Oct 24 14   Over 1,700 Government-Protected Horses Sent to Slaughter: Report – Newsweek

sep 30 12   FATE OF WILD HORSES IN HANDS OF BLM, COLORADO BUYER – ProPublica Dave Phillips

Image: Denver Post

ROCK SPRINGS GRAZING ASSOCIATION (#rock-springs-grazing-assoc)

 2013 Consent Decree between the Rock Springs Grazing Association and the BLM  

Western Rangelands Conservation Association (#WRCA)
President: Mark Wintch also the President of Utah Cattlemen’s Association 
VP: Mr. Steven Yardley Yardley Cattle Company
Secretary: Joel Hatch

Mr. Yardley sits on the WHB Advisory Board in direct conflict with WHB protection. He wants horse removed from HMA’s


14-327 – Western Rangeland Conservation Association et al v. Jewell et al

W. Rangeland Conservation Ass’n v. Zinke

Mr. Yardley sits on the WHB advisory board in direct conflict of interest of the WHB. He, a plaintiff under his capacity as vice president for Yardley Cattle Company, and under his capacity as vice president of Western Rangelands Conservation Association has sued United States representative Sally Jewell (Since the initiation of this action, Ryan Zinke has replaced Sally Jewell), then-Secretary of the Interior; the United States Department of the Interior; Neil Kornze, then-Director of the United States Bureau of Land Management; and Juan Palma, then-Utah State Director of the Bureau of Land Management and WH advocates in 2017 W. Rangeland Conservation Ass’n v. Zinke, 265 F. Supp. 3d 1267 (D. Utah 2017)

Plaintiffs are holders of federal grazing permits issued pursuant to the Taylor Grazing Act, see43 U.S.C. § 315b, which allow them to graze their livestock on public rangelands throughout central and southern Utah. Plaintiffs contend that BLM has failed to perform certain ministerial duties under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (“WHA”), 16 U.S.C. §§ 1331et seq. , and claim that BLM’s failure has adversely impacted their ability to utilize their grazing allotments. Specifically, Plaintiffs argue that BLM has failed to properly manage the excess population of wild horses that directly compete with livestock for forage and water on public lands and damage the rangeland ecosystem. Plaintiffs also allege that BLM has failed to properly remove excess wild horses present on lands owned by the State of Utah and private landowners. Thus, Plaintiffs ask this court to compel BLM to perform its statutory duties under the WHA to remove excess wild horses from both public and private lands.

Areas : At issue in this case are eight HMAs, a single HA, and certain private lands encompassed within or lying adjacent to public lands in UTAH. The eight HMAs under scrutiny here are known as Frisco, Four-Mile, Bible Springs, Sulphur, Choke Cherry, Muddy Creek, North Hills, and Swasey. Together, the boundaries of these HMAs encompass just shy of one million acres of public and private land. The lone HA at issue, known as Blawn Wash, covers nearly 63,000 additional acres

And let’s not forget those that get paid ‘big money’ by government contracts and awards who are working towards Wild Horse and Burro ‘eradication’ from Public Lands:

WHB Roundup Contractors

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