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Public spaces, paid for by taxpayers, for holding wild horses and burros after roundups in preparation for adoption, and documenting. Supposed to be accessible to public, but many are located on private property, on prison property, closed, or currently aren’t open for viewing, particularly after recent roundups.




“Bureau of Land Management’s off-range facility in Bruneau, Idaho, is a feedlot.  The contractor for this facility is the J.R. Simplot Company, one of the largest public lands welfare ranching operations in the U.S.”

Read below of massive deaths at this facility in Bruneau

dec 6 18  THE TRUTH #28 – Many wild horse foals died at the BLM’s Bruneau off-range facility in Idaho, and the BLM tried to cover it up – WHFF



18 mentioned on BLM page – more unmentioned shown below


Florence Wild Horse and Burro Training and Off-Range Corral (#florence)
Owner: Arizona Department of Corrections
17989 E. Butte Ave.
Florence, AZ 85132-9221
Website: Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI)

Contract $: 5+ year

$10,381,944.007/1/ 202112/31/26140L0121D0007

Public viewing: NO, by appointment with application
Established: 2013
Acre: Max capacity: 1000
Current pop estimate: 6/20/21 WILD HORSE FACILITIES AND PASTURES CONTRACTS – 2021


Notes: The Arizona Wild Horse and Burro Training and Holding Facility opened in May 2013.  The facility is a partnership between the BLM and Arizona Correctional Industries, through Arizona Department of Corrections.  The facility has a capacity of 1,000 wild horses and burros. Wild horses and burros are moved from the holding area to be gentled and trained by inmates to enhance adoptability. Untrained wild horses and burros are available for adoption every Friday at the holding facility. The holding facility is on prison property. Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI)

The holding center is situated across from the prison complex about a mile from the intersection of Butte Avenue and Arizona Route 79 (Pinal Parkway) in Florence. You can view the facility from the parking area and can visit within the fenced area by appointment.


Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Off-Range Corral (#litchfield)
Owner: BLM
US Highway 395 Litchfield, CA
Telephone: 530-254-6575 Toll-free: 800-545-4256
Fax: 530-254-6762 E-mail:
Eagle Lake Field Office
Name: Jeff Fontana Phone:530-260-0189

Contract $:
Public viewing: ?
Established: 1976
Acre: 80
Max cap: over 1000 Current pop estimate: ?

IN THE NEWS – Litchfield

2021 – suspected Pigeon Fever – horses gathered from Surprise Complex – Oct 2021

MODOC CORRALS – USFS (#modoc-corrals) (#double-devil)
– Devil’s Garden WHT horses
aka Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals
Contractor: MODOC COUNTY FARM BUREAU facebook
Charles Johnson, directs the corral operation for the Forest Service.
Address: 1430 County Road 74, Alturas, CA 96101
The new pen is in the forest, about 170 miles (273 kilometers) northwest of Reno
view from google shows this address as an airport runway, no corrals visible.
(530) 233-5811
Contract: 2017-2021 CA ALTURAS MODOC 17CS11050900009  / (9/22/2017-9/22/2021 ) / OPEN / $501,396 / DEVILS GARDEN WILD HORSE MANAGEMENT /
Established: ? Public viewing: ?
Acre: ? Max cap: ?
Notes: The U.S. Forest Service has built a new corral for wild horses in Northern California, which could allow it to bypass federal restrictions and sell the animals for slaughter. USFS handed the reins of Devils Garden wild horse management over to the Modoc County Farm Bureau and other livestock-related organizations. They often sell these magestic horses for $1. With no protection from the 1971 Wild Horse Protection act, they often end up purchased by kill buyers.


jan 31 20 Animal Legal Defense Fund and American Wild Horse Campaign seeking an injunction to block the sale of the horses captured in the Modoc National Forest in October and November for possible slaughter.

Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro Corrals (#ridgecrest)
Owner: BLM
3647-A Randsburg Wash Road Trona, CA 93562. 
Toll-free:  800-951-8720 Fax:  760-384-5767
Contract $:
Established: 1982
Acre: 80 Max cap: ?
Notes: On an average year, the corrals will prepare more than 1,000 animals.  

IN THE NEWS– Ridgecrest

R3C (Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center) (#r3c)

Owner: ?
12500 Bruceville Road Elk Grove, CA  95757

Contract $:
Public viewing: NO
Established: ?
Acre😐 Max cap: ?


Sundance Ranch (#sundance) not listed anymore
Redlands, CA
For information, call (760) 384-5765 2016 BLM Facilty


Cañon City Wild Horse Inmate Program (#canon-city)
Owner: Four Mile Correctional Facility – Canon City Corrals
E US Highway 50 &, Evans Rd, Cañon City, CO 81212

BLM Royal Gorge Field Office
3028 E. Main St.
Canon City, Colorado 81212|
Stephen Leonard Phone: 719-269-8511 Fax: 719-269-8599

Contract $:

5 YR $23,000,000 10/01/202009/30/2025140L0620D0013

Public viewing: NO
Established: ?
Acre: ?
Max cap: up to 3,000 Current pop estimate: ?
Notes: WHIP program trains 7-10 horses a month. The facility hosts two adoptions per month. Adopters must make an appointment in advance. Please contact BLM 719-269-8500 to make an appointment.


Boise Wild Horse Corrals (#boise)
BLM Boise District Office
3948 Development Ave.  Boise, Idaho  83705
Telephone: 208-384-3300    

Contract $:
Public viewing: ? Temporary closed
Established: ?
Acre: 2.3186
Max cap: ? Current pop estimate: 0



– no active link at BLM website. Closed to disease in 2018 , 2019 had scheduled tours, and in 2021 they can be seen unloading horses there.

Notes: SIMPLOT LIVESTOCK CO. operated this massive Bruneau facility where hundred of horses died.

Owner: privately owned – JR SIMPLOT COMPANY and operated SIMPLOT LIVESTOCK CO.
Names noted on state records over the years: C.L .Otter, Ronald N. Graves, J.R. Simplot, John T. Basabe, Scott R Simplot, James B Alderman
Address 1st facility: 28536 Jacks Creek Rd, Bruneau, ID 83604
Acre : 80-acre facility contains 39 large holding pens, each pen measuring 70,000 square feet and capable of safely holding approximately 100 horses.
Max Capacity: 3,900 ? Current pop estimate: ?
Contract $: 140L0121C0001 (3/1/2021-2/28/2022) / $3,175,500
Public viewing: NO
Established: ? company had been estblished since 1946 in produce

Address 2nd facility: 1301 Hwy 67, Grand View, ID 83624. This may be livestock but show how little they value animal life.
Acre : ? massive / maybe 500 pens that hold 50 – 100 each
Max Capacity: 10-30,000+ cattle ?

Property info

2 plots are the Bruneau feedlots  – one side borders federal /state land 

RP06S05E211801 – acre 339.414 / horses occupy 1/9th  of the plot / 17 corrals on (37 acres)                               
RP06S05E280601 – acre 159 /  horses occupy 1/4th  of the plot / 22 corrals on (40 acres)
Owyhee County, Idaho Property Search –  search  SIMPLOT – 300 properties – above

And a second massive facility with a guesstimate of 500 pens – holding 100 in each. Probably holds close to 25-50,000 animals.  Simplot land and Livestock map 
at 1301 Hwy 67, Grand View, ID 83624  
unsure if this is horses, or cattle / livestock
Elmore County ID property search – SIMPLOT – 99 properties


No website link to check activity –

This archive from (2018):
About the Corrals: The Bruneau Off-Range Wild Horse Corrals are privately owned and operated, and currently provide care for just over 1,120 wild horses . The facility staff has been caring for mares (some pregnant) gathered from the Owyhee Complex Herd Management Areas in Nevada last fall.   The tours will include opportunities to see foals born this spring at the Corrals. The 80-acre facility contains 39 large holding pens, each pen measuring 70,000 square feet and capable of safely holding approximately 100 horses.

The horses receive an abundance of feed tailored to their needs each day, along with a constant supply of fresh water through automatic watering troughs. Free choice mineral block supplements are also provided to the animals. A veterinarian routinely inspects the horses and provides necessary medical care as needed. The BLM strives to place horses removed from the range into good private homes. -BLM-

Look at the pictures and you decide.

jun 2018 VIDEO – Tour of Bruneau – AWHC


Ewing Wild Horse Holding Facility (#ewing)
22295 Sheep Farm Road Ewing, IL 62836
Phone: 800-293-1781?

Contract $:

5 yr $3,534,44410/1/20209/30/2025140L0620D0017

Public viewing: ?
Established: 2002
Acre: 55
Current pop estimate: 250 year round Max cap: 300


CONTRACTED –  off-range corral that supports wild horse and burro management activities related to adoptions and sales throughout the Eastern States Region. The Eastern States region covers all 31 states east of and bordering the Mississippi River



Hutchinson Correctional Center (#hutchinson)
Owner: Kansas Department of Corrections
1/4 mile west of Hwy 61 on G Street
Hutchinson, Kansas
Telephone: 620-625-7515

Contract $:

5 yr $2,906,3123/17/20183/16/2023140L0318D0003

Public viewing: NO
Established: ?
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 350
Notes:  All untrained animals are eligible for the $1000 incentive / BLM Adoption program

IN THE NEWS – Hutchinson


Piney Woods, MSnot listed anymore

Visitation is by appointment only. Please Call the Jackson, MS BLM (888) 274-2133 for more information about wild horses and burros available
Directions: Piney Woods Holding Facility is located on Hwy 49 South approximately 23 miles south of Jackson, MS. 


No facilities listed – transferred to surrounding state – need info


Elm Creek Wild Horse and Burro Corrals (#elm-creek)
Owner: ?
P.O. Box 160
5050 100th Road Elm Creek, NE 68836
Telephone: 308-856-4498

Contract $:
Public viewing: Yes / temporarily closed
Established: 1994
Acre: 35
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 500
Notes: avg 350-450 year round / mix of mares, geldings, burros and yearlings from most of the Western States

IN THE NEWS – Elm Creek


BROKEN ARROW USA (#indian-lakes) (#fallon) (#broken-arrow)

Owner: Private Contract Facility / Troy Lynn Adams and Nicole Dillabo Adams
Address: 5676 INDIAN LAKES RD  FALLON, NV 89406 
Contracts: Yes full list 2010-2025 / USA – spending
2020-2025 / 5 yr 140L0620D0012 -2 $28,047,488.00
Public viewing: NO – occasional public tours – stopped in 2010 after advocates documented abuse
Established: 2009
Acre: 163.84 – 36 holding pens / total acre 425.83 See about section below for details
Max Cap: 3000 According to BLM’s old website the facility can hold 2,850 wild horses, the 320 acre property contains 36 large holding pens, each capable of holding approximately 100 horses


(916) 240-2505  F(775) 423-8263  1-530-695-0256 ?
PO BOX 1475 FALLON 89407

Full facility land includes 5 properties –  3 are adjoining BLM land 009-411-19

These properties do not BLM grazing rights.

5676 INDIAN LAKES RD Fallon, NV 163.84 acre purchased 2009 $375,000 as BAAR horse and cattle  009-411-76 adjoins BLM. This is the original holding pens and property where horses are kept. No trees, no shelter
INDIAN LAKES RD   160 acrepurchased 2009 $175,000  009-411-46 adjoins BLM
5550 INDIAN LAKES RD   58 acre  purchased 2010 $150,000   009-411-43
5602 INDIAN LAKES RD   20 acrepurchased 2010 $150,000  009-411-45
5909 TARZYN RD   23.99 acrepurchased 2020  $136,000 009-411-77 adjoins BLM

Grazing- Cattle

Originally cattle ranchers out of Live Oak, CA.

Though they are adjoining BLM, I don’t see them listed in grazing allotments under their names, or business. There is no allotments directly attached to property, but they do have a Churchill county, and NV statewide brand.

I did not locate subsidies, or grants.

#16565 NV statewide cattle brand expires 2023 Troy Adams  pg244, 329

Brands X-17784 expires 2018

Northern Nevada Correctional Center (#carson-city)
Owner: Northern Nevada Correctional Center – Carson City Prison Corrals
1721 Snyder Avenue Carson City, Nevada 89701
Contract $:


Public viewing: NO
Established: October 2000
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 2000


Notes: ADOPTION catalogs and results available on main page

Through this training program, wild horses and burros are gentled and trained before being adopted. About 60-80 wild horses and burros are trained and adopted at the facility each year. Each wild horse or burro receives approximately 120 days of training, but they are still “green-broke.” They will need daily training and handling by an experienced rider when they arrive at their new home.

Each wild horse or burro is only offered for adoption once during each event. This is an adoption, not a sale. The adopter must take proper care of the wild horse or burro for one year and at that time can apply for title. Once the title is issued the wild horse or burro will then belong to the adopter. 

IN THE NEWS – Carson City

Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center (#PVC) (#palomino)
Owner: BLM
15780 Pyramid Hwy, Reno, NV 89510
Telephone: 775-475-2222 Fax: 775-475-2053
@BLMNevada Flickr

Contract $: In house

Public viewing: YES, 6 days a week
Established: ?
Acre: Max cap: 1,850
Notes:  It is noted on oct 12 2021, the entire corrals was void of horses as noted and photographed by advocate MM. where did all these go? A few days later there were new ones from fresh roundups. “I went to Palomino holding two days ago. I believe they moved jackson horses out of there as quickly as the antelope horses. Ive been trying to find out where. But convieniant there site is down so the rude guy that answering cant tell me”

Winnemucca Off-Range Corrals – Coming soon – Not open yet (#winnemucca)
Owner: operated by JS Livestock
Public viewing: NO
Acre: 100
Current pop estimate: 0 Max cap: 4000

The 100-acre Paradise Valley facility would warehouse up to 4,000 wild horses and burros and would be closed to the public.


New Mexico

Carson National Forest corrals

Unable to locate any info yet

Browning Ranch – closed (#browning)
Owner: Bob M Browning (deceased Nov 2019)
Address: 333 Browning Pkwy, Farmington, NM 87401
Phone: (505) 327-3333
Public viewing: ? / Temporarily closed on google
Established: 1959
Max cap: Current pop estimate: ?
Notes: USFS page states on Oct 30 21 “Mt. Taylor Mustangs is the gather contractor and is using a low-stress baiting method. Mt. Taylor Mustangs has gathered 15 horses. Wild mustangs who need good homes can be seen by appointment at the Browning Ranch, 333 Browning Parkway in Farmington. Carson National Forest officials have 15 horses available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a wild horse please call the Jicarilla Ranger District at (505) 632-2956”

Note: Mr Browning has been deceased for 2 years and stable listed as closed

Jicarilla Ranger District Wild Horse Adoption Facility (#jicarilla)
Owner: USFS
Address: 7 Road 5050 just south of Bloomfield off of Highway 550
Public viewing: ? /
Max cap: Current pop estimate: ?

Unable to locate any info


Pauls Valley Off-Range Corral (#pauls-valley)
Owner: ?
Adoptions: are held on-site at the facility the second Tuesday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon. A mixed group of 70-80 animals are offered at each adoption, often including burros and young horses

Contract $:

Public viewing: YES, A drive-up interpretation center situated near the pastures allows visitors to view the animals as they leisurely roam and graze on the land.
Established: ?
Acre: 400 / 12 pastures
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 600
Notes: All untrained animals are eligible for the $1000 incentive.

IN THE NEWS – Paul’s Valley


Oregon Wild Horse Corral (#burns) (#oregon-wild-horse-corral)
Burns District Wild Horse Corrals – archive
Owner: BLM – aka / Burns – Hines Corrals
26755 Hwy 20 W Hines, Oregon 97738
@BLMOregon Flickr

Contract $: In House
Public viewing: YES, The facility auto-tour route is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Established: 1978?
Acre: ?
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: ?

IN THE NEWS – Burns / Hines Corrals / Oregon WHC


Axtell Off-Range Contract Wild Horse Facility (#axtell)
Owner: DESPAIN, KERRY, M (003559822)
Address: 13500 South 10490 West (mile marker 235.2 on Highway 89) in Axtell, UT
The corrals are located at 13500 South 10490 West (mile marker 235.2 on Highway 89) in Axtell, approximately six miles south of Gunnison or eight miles north of Salina. Please note that some phone map applications do not recognize this address.

Contract $: not sure if the contract is for both horse and burros

$20,161,687.5008/01/2020? 2025140L0620D0014

Public viewing: ?
Established: ?
Acre: 32 / 40 pens
Max cap: 2250
Current pop estimate: ?

BUTTERFIELD corrals (shutdown) (#butterfield)

Salt Lake Regional Wild Horse and Burro Center – archive
8605 W. 12600 S. Herriman, Utah. Call: (801) 561-4632
This address is now owned by a massive mining pit company Kennecott Copper Mines– (Bingham Canyon Mine). South of the Great Salt Lake, Utah.

found mention in image here

Entire area now KENNECOTT MINING
No herd areas, or grazing allotments affected.

Directions: Take Exit #293(westbound) off I-15 onto the Bangerter Highway (State Road 154) and stay on this highway for approximately four to five miles. Exit off the Bangerter Highway onto 12600 South. Travel west on 12600 South for approximately five to six miles, through the town of Herriman, until you reach the intersection of Butterfield Canyon & 8400 west. Follow signs for approximately ½ mile to reach gate.

Delta Wild Horse & Burro Corral   (#delta)
Owner: BLM
Address: 600 N 350 W, Delta, UT 84624 / Millard County
39°21’40.8″N 112°34’56.7″W
Contract $: In house
Public viewing: APPT
Established: ?
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 300
Notes: closed for months surrounding the July 2021 roundup

Gunnison Utah Correctional Facility – no longer used (#gunnison)

About Gunnison

The Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Utah is a holding, preparation, and training facility. Adoptions and viewing are available on a limited basis due to prison security.   

Viewings of animals are by appointment only from Monday through Thursday 8am to 2pm and closed on Federal and State Holidays. The primary visitation schedule is weekly on Tuesdays 10 am – 2 pm. This is necessary for security and availability of SWAT Team Security. The security team is always on-site when visitors enter the facility. All vehicles will be stopped at the main gate for inspection to ensure everyone’s safety and to look for items that are not allowed into the prison.   No cameras or video cameras will be allowed within the facility unless pre-approved by the prison administrative staff. No public visitors will be allowed at the wild horse facility when horses are being loaded or unloaded. 

Adoption Details: Adoptions and viewing are available on a limited basis, by appointment only. For adoption information, contact Dona Bastian at (435) 287-7591 or email her at

Directions: The Gunnison Facility is located in central Utah ¼ mile east of the town of Gunnison, Utah on Highway 89.

IN THE NEWS – Gunnison

Owner: BLM – Sutherland Off-Range Contract Facility
3890 N 4000 W DELTA UT 84624
Operated by :  G & R LIVESTOCK INC. (117142048)
Contract $:


Public viewing: NO
Established: ?
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 1000


Mantle Adoption and Training Facility (#mantle)
Owner: Mantle Family STEPHEN R MANTLE (033457313)
Address: 615 South Antelope Road Wheatland, Wyoming 82201
Telephone: 307-331-2225
Contract $: Averages $530,000 to 650,000 a year on a long term contract since 2017
Public viewing: by appointment
Established: 1998
Current pop estimate: 181 as of 5/20/21 Max cap: 200 / up to 500 according to Facility report
Notes: Wild Horses and the Mantle Family

About Corrals:

In 2021, the BLM celebrates 23 years of working with the Mantle Family to train and gentle wild horses for adoption. Each year, the Mantle Ranch cares for approximately 200 head of mixed-age and gender of horses. The Mantle Ranch is a family-based business consisting of Steve Mantle, Bryan Mantle and Katie Sherman, and Nick Mantle and his wife Kayla. Steve started working with wild horses in the 1980’s and both Bryan and Nick have 19 years of continuous time working in the family business with the wild horses and BLM. Their operation currently uses the Internet to place over 50% of the adopted horses. The facility offers on-site, and in-person adoptions by appointment. Their training methods involve simple safety, patience and consistency as the top priorities. They spend time observing the horses’ behavior, and then develop a training plan for each horse based on their specific needs. The BLM recently chatted with the Mantles:


STEPHEN R MANTLE (033457313)
Sam FMC7MJPVEM93 dun 033457313 cage

2017-22 WY WHEATLAND PLATTE / INL17PC00119 -10 / (10/01/2017-9/30/22) / base value $2,955,280.00-$3,534,910.63 / OPEN / Feed and Care, Training, and Adoption of wild horses and burros for the BLM Wyoming WH&B Program /sol L17PS00212 / 1

IN THE NEWS – Mantle – coming soon

Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility (#rock-springs)
Owner: BLM
Address: From I-80, take Elk Street Exit 104 and turn north. After one mile, turn right onto Lionkol Road.
Telephone: 307-352-0292
Status: only federal off-range corral and preparation facility in Wyoming. Brochure
Contract $:
Public viewing: By appt / A viewing kiosk overlooking the facility is also open year-round.  Tours are conducted upon request.
Established: 1976
Acre: 24 / 19 corrals and several smaller pens that accommodate wild horses with special needs
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 800

IN THE NEWS – Rock Springs

Wheatland Off-Range Corral (#wheatland)
Owner: ?
Address: 1005 North Wheatland Highway Wheatland, Wyoming ?

Contract $:

Public viewing: NO, PRIVATE – BLM CONTRACTED – not open to the public (except for adoption / announced public events).
The facility contract was awarded in 2020 with the facility achieving an initial operating capability to begin receiving wild horses and burros on January 7, 2021. The facility was fully completed in 2021
Established: 2021
Acre: 100
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: 500-3500

IN THE NEWS  – Wheatland

Wyoming Honor Farm (#honor-farm)
Owner: Wyoming Department of Corrections – Wyoming Honor Farm 
Address: 40 Honor Farm Road  Riverton, WY, 307-352-0302
Phone: 866-468-7826

Contract $:

Public viewing: NO
Acre: ?
Current pop estimate: ? Max cap: ?

IN THE NEWS – Honor Farm


Deerwood Ranch – WY (#deerwood)

Owner: Operated by Rich & Jana Wilson

This 4,700-acre ranch in the Centennial Valley west of Laramie, WY provides a natural home to 350 wild horses gathered from public rangelands throughout the Western United States. In addition to holding adoption and sale events throughout the year, the family-owned operation also offers opportunities for the public to stay on site or hold conferences or private events.

Public viewing: YES, by appointment

Max cap: 350

Location: 599 State Highway 11, Laramie, WY 82070
Phone: (307) 399-9956

Contract $:

IN THE NEWS– Deerwood

Wind River Ranch – WY (#wind-river)

Wind River is located on grassland pastures within the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is 1 of 4 Public Off-Range Pastures, in partnership with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), in the United States and is open to the public. Additionally, this is the only one located on an Indian Reservation, specifically the Wind River Indian Reservation. The Oldham Family provides a free-roaming environment for 225 wild horses and offers tours by appointment. A visitor center features a curated, interpretative display describing the importance of horses in the culture and traditions of Native Americans. 

Owner: Oldham family

Acre: 900-acre, working cattle ranch known as the Double D Ranch

Public viewing: by appointment

Max cap: 225 (250 on website)

Location: 8616 Highway 287, Lander, WY 82520
Phone: (307) 438-3838

Contract $:

IN THE NEWS – Wind River / Double D

Mowdy Ranch – OK (#mowdy)

Spanning wooded hills and open valleys in southeastern Oklahoma, 350 wild horses graze this 3,500-acre ranch owned by the Mowdy family, who have lived and worked there for five generations. On-site tours and lodging facilities are available. 

Public viewing: by appointment

Max cap: 350

Location: 16242 State Highway 31, Coalgate, OK 74538
Phone: (580) 927-5093

Contract $:


Svaty Ranch – KS (#svaty)

Situated on more than 1,700 acres of pristine Kansas prairie south of the Smoky Hill River near Ellsworth, KS, the Svaty Ranch provides an idyllic home for 225 horses gathered from public rangelands throughout the West. Currently, appointments to adopt may be scheduled. 

Public viewing: by appointment

Max cap: 225

Location: 1016 Avenue J, Ellsworth, KS 67439
Phone: (785) 531-1967
Email: SvatyRanch@alishaquiroz6

Contract $:


MAINTAINING HERDS  maintaining AML, gathers & removal, fertility  ADOPTION PROGRAM


For a full list of all states removals on one page, click he


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