Posted on: (2023, sep 23).
Updated on (2023, oct 31) to include new info to: timeline, requests, and petition.

Protection request by presidential candidate RFK Jr.

We know what happened to his uncle JFK (assassinated) during his presidency on November 22, 1963, and then we know what happened to his father RFK (assassinated) while running for presidency on June 5, 1968.

And we know what happened to other famous leaders around the same time frame. MLK Jr. was (assassinated) on April 4, 1968.

What did these three men have in common?

They were all extremely popular leaders, they had the ears and respect of people worldwide, and each had enormous sway with citizens from both political parties and demographics.

These great men were all peace seekers, truth tellers, and civil rights icons who spoke out against the establishment corruption, and endless unjust wars.

‘We can assume’ that is what got them killed, but be forewarned, doing so will likely get you a label – CONSPIRACIST!

Many family members of the ‘slain victims’
question the government’s narratives of those dreadful days.

Some have always believed there was a cover-up, and that the ‘lone’ gunmen weren’t working alone but as part of a plot, and the events may have been orchestrated by the CIA.

Even John F. Kennedy (JFK) himself wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds” after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. link

After Kennedy’s assassination, Harry Truman wrote a newspaper column explaining that “I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. … I, therefore, would like to see the CIA be restored to its original assignment as the intelligence arm of the president … and that its operational duties be terminated or properly used elsewhere.” link

Mr. Kennedy Jr. believes a cover up is possible. “I think the evidence that the CIA murdered my uncle is overwhelming, I would say, beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said. “As an attorney, I would be very comfortable arguing that case to a jury. I think that the evidence that the CIA murdered my father is ‘circumstantial’ but very, very, very persuasive. Or very compelling. Let me put it that way—very compelling. And of course the CIA participation in the cover-up of both those murders is also beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s very well documented.” (In a written statement, a CIA spokesperson said: “The notion that CIA was involved in the deaths of either John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy is absolutely false.”). link

Did we expect anything other than denial?  I certainly didn’t. It’s not like we have a government that has been historically ‘100% truthful’ (but that’s for another blog).

The fact that ‘all the files’ and evidence of this crime have not been fully released, and much of it is still redacted, even though they were ordered for full release by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. That is concerning!

Biden’s administration released more documents, but not entirely.

What are they still hiding after all these years, 59.8 years to be exact?  

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination

MLK Jr.’s family also feels the same. They were tired of ‘so called’ conspiracies, and wanted to get answers, so they took it to court. “There is abundant evidence,” Coretta King said after the verdict, “of a major, high-level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband.” The jury found the mafia and various government agencies “were deeply involved in the assassination. … Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame.”

Andrew Young, the former U.N. ambassador and Atlanta mayor who was at the Lorraine Motel with King when he was shot there, agrees. “I would not accept the fact that James Earl Ray pulled the trigger, and that’s all that matters,” said Young, who noted that King’s death came after the killings of John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X (A.: February 21, 1965) and just months before the slaying of Robert F. Kennedy. “We were living in the period of assassinations,” Young said.

These assassination topics have been covered by both sides, so we won’t rehash it here.

Is it all just a Conspiracy?

The ‘purpose of mentioning it’ is to get an understanding of why secret service protection is warranted at this time, especially for a high profile candidate as Mr. Kennedy Jr., who is relentlessly attacked by the media for decades with false narratives of ‘anti-vaxx and conspiracist’ labels.

Mr. Kennedy Jr. is ‘neitherof those labels!

Who he is: a ‘safe-vaccine activist’ who cares about people, and cares about children all around the world. I am grateful someone is looking out for us. He is also a highly intelligent man (a qualified and successful trial attorney) who can look at the evidence presented and see a pattern of potential connections, and theories. That’s not a ‘conspiracy’ just because he says it out loud!

While all his theories ‘may not’ prove true in a court of law, they also ‘may be’ provable as many have already been. Unless ‘you’ have read all the associated documents to his ‘theories’, or ‘conspiracies’ (as media likes to call them), you really aren’t qualified to make a strong case at calling him a ‘conspiracist’.

Qualifications would take a very knowledgeable person that has reviewed all the evidence from a legal stance, not one who just read a couple of newspaper’s opinions.

It’s very likely you are just ‘parroting phrases’ others have repeated without doing the research yourself.

I too was guilty of this, I used to be one of you!

So… I ask ‘you’ to please stop making conspiracy statements, unless you’ve done the work to back it up.

And if you haven’t done the research, take a step back, open your mind, and review the hard evidence presented.

What I learned surprised me, and it might surprise you too!

From my ‘intensive research’, Mr. Kennedy just wants safe vaccines for everyone, and for the truth to be revealed. Anyone who ever digs into his claims that he makes as a qualified and capable trial lawyer, be forewarned, the evidence will be abundant! It will take you months, even years just to graze the tip of the iceberg of what you will discover from thousands of government funded documents, and discovery presented. He presents ‘strong theories’, definitely worth examining further to get at the truth.

“They passed the vaccine act in 1986. And the vaccine act gave immunity from liability to all vaccine companies, if you, for any injury, for negligence. No matter how negligent you are, no matter how reckless your conduct, no matter how toxic the ingredient, how shoddily tested or manufactured the product, no matter how grievous your injury, you’re a vaccine company, you cannot be sued. This was a huge gift for this industry cause the biggest cost for every medical product is downstream liabilities. And all of a sudden, those disappeared. So you’re not only taking a way that cost, and incentivizing many new vaccines, your also dis-incentivizing, you’re removing the incentive to make them safe. No matter how dangerous they are, they don’t care, because they can’t be sued.”….  EAU vaccines “exempt from pre-licensing safety. They don’t have to be tested, and they’re not!” – RFK Jr (2023)

Ask me how I know he’s for real?

That’s how I started out, just like you are now, questioning what I was hearing.

I kept hearing the same repeated opinions and viewpoints, over and over: conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxx activist, quack, nut job, etc. Often it was ‘word for word’, these copy and paste adjectives were strewn across the internet, and none ever presented any facts, just a lot of biased and regurgitated opinions, and then more links to more ‘opinions’.

I couldn’t find one actual lead,
from hundreds of articles going back to the 1980’s,
that showed me that Kennedy had ever stated
he was anti-vaxx, not one!
– Jennifer Robin

Six months and hundreds of hours later…. I still can’t confirm how they arrived at these descriptive ‘mis-labels’ in the first place.

In my detailed research, I found the complete opposite in the portrayal of his character. What I see is a deeply caring, passionate, and concerned man that wants to remove the poisons that are making us all sick.

Poisonous toxins that are allowed ‘by our government’ to be placed in ‘our environment’ by polluters (air, water and land), chemicals in ‘our foods’ that we eat (sprayed on crops, injected into food animals, products on shelves), and into the ‘medicines that we take’ (pharmaceuticals, vaccines).

What he repeatedly said was:
‘safe vaccines, safe vaccines, safe vaccines’ over and over.

“I’ve never been anti-vaccine, and I’ve said that
hundreds and hundreds of times but it doesn’t matter”


“Saying I’m anti-vaccine is ‘way of silencing me” 

The questions always remain for me: 

  • Who doesn’t want safe products?
  • Who started the rumors, and what was their motive?
  • Who is responsible for making this man a ‘villain’ instead of a ‘hero’?
  • How did they get thousands of people to repeat such utter nonsense that doesn’t line up with the facts, and goes against our own best interests as a nation, and as people?
  • How will we ever get past this deception?

With each question I answer, a new one emerges. The deceit by those we trusted to tell us the truth has gone on for decades.

Currently, we have the White House’s coercion with social media as noted in the recent Missouri v. Biden lawsuit, and the recent censorship hearing that shows the both Trump and Biden’s efforts to pressure social media to illegally silence citizens (you, me, RFK Jr., etc..), and any critics who question their agenda and policies.

Their efforts have worked, and have created a negative viewing of Mr. Kennedy as a: nut, a quack, and a conspiracist instead of the respectable best selling author, and environmental / vaccine lawyer that he is. A man who states facts for a living, and wins $million$ dollar cases based on those facts.

Our current media and government are ‘intentionally creating a situation’ with their biased ‘propaganda’ that puts Kennedy in potentially dangerous situation for those that don’t know his integrity, morals, the truth of his character, and what his viewpoints really represent. The media’s, intentionally, derogatory and insulting remarks about this man are unwarranted and are creating a potentially harmful issue.

His long and historic career as an environmental law specialist speaks for itself, and that alone has created him many enemies in: Big Pharma (Merck, Pfizer), Big Gov (FDA, NIH, USDA, etc), and Big Industry polluters like (Monsanto, Tyson, Smithfield) just to name a few.

We know that their version of Kennedy is fabricated with partial truths, and taking text out of context, and even straight up lies. Citizens are quick to believe the Big Media and White House narratives and agendas; even when they spread false misinformation (propaganda, and their own baseless conspiracies).

Was Kennedy denied Secret Service?

Update: Kennedy’s team has made another request to Alejandro Mayorakas. This is the third one made on October 25, 2023. This Comes after a man, Jonathan Macht (28), was arrested ‘twice’ on the same day for climbing the fence at his private residence in Los Angeles. Mr. Kennedy and his wife were home. According to campaign, Kennedy’s security team “had notified the Secret Service about this specific obsessed individual several times in recent months and shared ‘alarming communications he has sent to the candidate.” link

On May 26, 2023, Candidate Kennedy sent a 67 report to the current Secretary of Homeland Security – Alejandro N. Mayorkas in request of Secret Service detail. On July 28, Presidential Campaign Committee of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. released the letter from the Biden administration, dated July 21, and received via FedEx on July 27, denying Secret Service Protection for Mr. Kennedy. link

Question: So why is Kennedy being denied? What are the laws, and requirements to be accepted?


While the Secret Service has a long history going back to 1865, ‘major candidates’ and their spouses began receiving protection after the assassination of his father, Robert Kennedy, in 1968. PL-90-331 was passed June 6, 1968. (Language since adopted into 3056).  

“Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America In Congress assembled, That (a) the United States Secret Service, in addition to other duties now provided by law, is authorized to furnish protection to persons who are determined from time to time by the Secretary of the Treasury, after consultation with the advisory committee, as being major presidential or vice presidential candidates who should receive such protection (unless the candidate has declined such protection). (b) The advisory committee referred to in subsection (a) shall consist of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, the majority leader of the Senate, the minority leader of the Senate and one additional member selected by the other members of the committee. SEC. 2. Hereafter, when requested by the Director of the United States Secret Service, Federal Departments and agencies, unless such authority is revoked by the President, shall assist the Secret Service in the performance of its protective duties under section 3056 of title 18 of the United States Code and the first section of this joint resolution. SEC. 3. For necessary expenses of carrying out the provisions of this resolution, there is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1968, the sum of $400,000. Approved June 6, 1968.”

According to 18 USC 3056,

(7) Major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and, within 120 days of the general Presidential election, the spouses of such candidates. As used in this paragraph, the term “major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates” means those individuals identified as such by the Secretary of Homeland Security (current – Alejandro N. Mayorkas) after consultation with an advisory committee consisting of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, the majority and minority leaders of the Senate, and one additional member selected by the other members of the committee. The Committee shall not be subject to chapter 10 of title 5.

As of 2023, the Secret Service specifically states:

“Protection under these guidelines ‘should’ only be granted within one year prior to the general election. Protection more than one year prior to the general election should only be granted in extraordinary, case by case circumstances in consultation with the committee, based on threat assessment and other factors 

In their 2000 report, the Congressional Research Service stated: a candidate has to hit several markers to show they are a ‘major presidential candidate’ that includes:

  • They are a publicly declared candidates.
  • They are actively campaigning nationally and are contesting at least 10 state primaries.
  • Are pursuing the nomination of a qualified party, one whose presidential candidate received at least 10% of the popular vote in the prior election.
  • Are qualified for public matching funds of at least $100,000, and have raised at least $10 million in additional contributions.
  • Have received by April 1 of the election year an average of 5 percent in individual candidate preferences in the most recent national opinion polls by ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, or have received at least 10 percent of the votes cast for all candidates in two same-day or consecutive primaries or caucuses.

Mr. Kennedy having, not one, but two family assassinations,
being a double digit front running contender,
having raised significant contributions, has had multiple security incidents,
and recently having an armed Q-Anon Trump supporter
pose as a Federal Marshal at your event should surely qualify him.

And if that doesn’t qualify, what does?

According to RFK, Jr. – …“Gavin de Becker, the world’s leading authority on the protection of public figures. His company has been managing my security team since I announced my run for President. He prepared my application to DHS and liaised with Secret Service officials” at least a 26 times between April 18-July 27.  A three month process that should have taken a lot less. Typical response ranges from 1 day to 1 month, but average is two weeks. link

While I didn’t see the 67 page report from his private security firm as it wasn’t made public, Gavin de Becker & Assoc stated that Kennedy meets all the requirements for early (before the 120 day point) Secret Service detail.


United States Secret Service advised RFK Jr.: “In my years with Secret Service, I haven’t seen a request declined to date.”

“For the first time ever, right now, a sitting president has refused formal protection requests from a rival candidate. The administration has had some help in their awful decision. Legacy media outlets have been falsely claiming that there’s nothing unusual about Biden refusing RFK Jr’s request for Secret Service protection. They’ve been saying that candidates get protection only 120 days before the election. That is not true! Here’s what is true. Every single administration, going back 55 years, has approved early secret service protection for (rival) candidates”…. Gavin de Becker, 2023 archive
(update: this video has since been removed from twitter and deleted from this article, but I had translated it myself)

And more recently he states they have been denied protection again, that’s twice denied!

Will they deny him a third time?

Timeline History: Other Presidential Candidates

2020  – Trump administration approves early secret service for candidate Joe Biden, 231 days prior to election. Biden was approve ‘one week’ after request. link link

2015  – (Nov 5). Then-candidate Donald Trump and Ben Carson received Secret Service protection almost one year prior to the 2016 general election. “Johnson approved the request after consulting with the advisory committee and looking at factors including the candidates’ standing in the polls, amounts of contributions received and considering the threat environment.”  link  link    

A few months later, the Obama Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Bernie Sanders, 279 days before the election.  link 

2012 – Around March 2012, the Obama Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Newt Gingrich, 245 days before the election.  link 

 In 2012, the Obama Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Mitt Romney, 279 days before the election.  That same month, the Obama Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Rick Santorum, 254 days before the election. link  

2011 – In November 2011, the Obama Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Herman Cain, almost a year before the election.  link 

2007 – Protection began for presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama on May 3 2007, the earliest initiation of Secret Service protection for any candidate in history.  Presidential candidate New York Senator Hillary Clinton already received protection before she entered the race due to her status as former first lady. Two reports claim different amount of days. One says he received it 551 days before Election Day (I believe this one to be accurate from my math), and another states“Obama holds the record for receiving protection the earliest and had Secret Service agents at his side over the course of 629 days on the campaign trail”.  Despite Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren stating, “I’m not aware it was based on any threat.” Department of Homeland Security officials said there were no known threats. And Obama’s detail comes nine months before the first votes are cast. 

In May 2007, the Bush Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Barack Obama, 551 days before the election, despite not having received “any specific, credible threat,” according to CNN.   link 

2008 – In april 2008, the Bush Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to John Mccain, nearly 200 days before the election.  link 

2007 – John McCain was ‘offered’ protection more than 500 days before Election Day, but didn’t accept it until April, 5 2008. link

2004 – Both democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards received their protection in February 2004 as they were competing for the party’s nomination.
“To receive Secret Service protection, a candidate must be campaigning on a national basis, must have a prominent position in national media polls and must have garnered at least 10 percent of the vote in two consecutive primaries or caucuses…. Kerry has garnered at least 27 percent of the vote in every contest so far, while Edwards has collected at least 10 percent in more than a dozen states” link

In February 2004, the Bush Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to John Kerry, more than 250 days before the election. John Edwards also received Secret Service protection around this time.   link 

2000 – March 2000, the Clinton Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to George W. Bush, more than 200 days before the election.  link 

1996 – In February of 1992, the Clinton Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Pat Buchanan, about 250 days before the election.  link 

In March of that year, the Clinton Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Robert Dole, about 200 days before the election. link

1992 – In February of 1992, the Bush Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Bill Clinton, about 249 days before the election.  link 

1988 – In May of 1988, the Reagan Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Michael Dukakis. link

1987 – Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson received protection earlier than usual, about 10 weeks before other candidates. He sought the early protection Oct. 8 and was notified Saturday (Nov 21) the request was granted.

The Reagan Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Jesse Jackson, 351 days before the election.
That year the Reagan Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Pat Robertson, 343 days before the election.   link

1984 –   In January of 1984, the Reagan Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Walter Mondale, John Glenn, Reubin Askew, Senator Gary Hart, Ernest Hollings, George McGovern, all about 297 days before the election.  link 

1983 –  In November of 1983,  352 days before the election, the Reagan Administration afforded early Secret Service protection to Jesse Jackson. link 

1979 – (Oct) Sen. Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy began receiving protection in Oct. 1979 on the campaign trail. He ran for president in 1980, and his competition, President Jimmy Carter, immediately granted him Secret Service protection due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the assassinations of his brothers. About 400 days before Election Day.  
(sep 21, 1979 – President Carter ordered the Secret Service yesterday to provide immediate protection for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D.Mass.), whose ‘consideration of a presidential campaign’ has raised the fear of an assassination attempt such as those that struck down two of his brothers. The president’s action was apparently not prompted by a specific threat to Kennedy’s life, but by a growing apprehension for the senator’s safety that was conveyed to Secret Service and White House officials by Kennedy staff aides earlier this week.) link 

In September 1979, the Carter Administration afforded Secret Service protection for Senator Edward Kennedy 441 days before the 1980 presidential election, even though Kennedy hadn’t formally announced his candidacy. Two other administrations had previously afforded early secret service protection to Edward Kennedy:  In 1968, after his brother Robert was assassinated while campaigning for president, and again in 1972 after George Wallace was shot at a  campaign event. (Note that Secret Service protection was provided to Edward Kennedy even though he was not a declared candidate for the presidency. link

1979 – The Carter Administration afforded early Secret Service protection for many candidates (Ronald Reagan, John Connally, George Bush, Philip M. Crane, Howard Baker) long before the 1980 election.  link

1972 – (May 15) Senator Ted Kennedy, received early Secret Service protection in 1972 from Nixon administration, when he wasn’t even an announced candidate.

Nixon also approved early Secret Service protection for Reps Shirley Chisholm and Wilbur Mills, and even provided protection for the notorious segregationist Gov. George Wallace of Alabama.

“May 15 – Shortly after Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama was shot today, President Nixon ordered Secret Service protection for Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, Representative Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn and Representative Wilbur D. Mills of Arkansas. Senator Kennedy, who has declared repeatedly that he is not a candidate for President, accepted the offer… Earlier this year the officials decided that protection, Which costs up to $200,000 a month for each candidate; would be extended to those having at least 5 percent of the vote in public opinion polis: This excluded Mrs. Chisholm and Mr. Mills. link

1972 – (May 16) Same for presidential candidates Muskie, Humphrey, and McGovern, all afforded Secret Service much more than 120 days before Election Day.

“Last March, Secret Service protection was assigned to Governor Wallace and Senators Edmund S. Muskie of Maine, Hubert, H. Humphrey of Minnesota, George McGovern of South. Dakota and Henry M. Jackscnr of Washington, who were considered at that time to be the leading Democratic candidates.” link

Non presidential receivers

2018 – (June 27) They even gave temporary SS to Sarah Sanders (former White House press secretary) after she was asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. She was never a presidential candidate.  link

Issues – for RFK jr.

(see the section above for new dangers: October 25, 2023. Jonathan Macht (28), was arrested ‘twice’ on the same day)

Recently an armed gunman, Adrian Paul Aispuro (44), who is a supporter of Kennedy’s opponent Donald Trump, was arrested on September 15 at a Los Angeles Hispanic heritage event. “A radio call was generated around 4:30 p.m. reporting a man with ‘a loaded gun in a shoulder holster and a badge stating he was a U.S. Marshal.’ “link 

He was taken into custody by the LAPD complete with sunglasses, a badge, two holsters with loaded guns, extra ammunition, and several knives in a backpack were booked into evidence. It was noted that the FBI was also present at the scene.

According to a statement issued from Kennedy’s campaign, a private security team (paid for by Gavin Beckers  security team and American Values super pac) interacted with Aispuro ahead of Friday evening’s speech after Aispuro insisted that he was hired as a part of the candidate’s security detail and asked to be taken to Kennedy “immediately.”

The LAPD said the man never brandished the gun or threatened anyone, but is currently being held in Los Angeles on $35,000 bail for a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

“His brother, Raymond Aispuro, said police also detained him at the theater and searched his vehicle.” He posted videos online “showing cops cuffing his brother on the sidewalk outside the Wilshire Ebell.”
He says of Paul, “He does want, he’s said it multiple times, Donald Trump to be president of the United States again to fix this country,” link

That leads to the question… was he prepared to make sure Mr. Trump didn’t have any competition?

Was this an assassination attempt?

What would he have done it he had got past security?

I hate to think of the repercussions of this man’s motive.

Here is more from Gavin de Becker, head of his security:


So far, Kennedy is polling in the double digits against Biden, sometimes as high as 20 percent. What had initially been written off as a stunt, by media, has evolved into a complex threat to both Biden and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party.

Put another way: Kennedy’s support is real, and growing!

This recent event shows that Mr. Kennedy, a double digit contender according to polls, is President Biden’s closest competitor and no matter how the media tries to censor and mis-label him with conspiracy and anti-vax attempts (propaganda), he is “threat to both Biden and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party”. 

His campaign is built on truth and peace, a similar message his ancestors spoke of. It seems he ‘is the apple that fell from the tree’ in respects to the family message.

This respected man and his message are slowly being heard by the people, after being intentionally silenced for decades. We applaud him for his vision: Courage, Honesty, and Transparency for Government.

His decades long list of career accomplishments is recognized. His record of going up against the corrupt corporations and government establishment in order to protect the people and the environment being poisoned speaks for itself.  

He is a major contender who is gaining ground, even with the DNC’s past claims of having a ‘neutral’ position, they made it clear they only support Biden and are doing everything they can to cancel Kennedy out. How democratic of them!.

This man has been denied secret service as a presidential candidate… his father is the reason why we have it today.

That’s just one reason that should make him qualified, as his family have all been targets and two WERE assassinated. Multiple times his uncle Ted, received protection based on that fact alone.

Get this man, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr , some protection!!!

If something happens to him, the blood will be on your hands, PRESIDENT BIDEN!

Sign Kennedy’s petition to get Secret Service detail.

Image of blood on hands

Learn more:

To learn more on Mr. Kennedy I recommend getting to know him for yourself.

Integrity, morals, and truth!


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