RFK Jr. – Meet and Greet

September 10, 2023

What an incredible day yesterday was! Listening to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr speak in person was beyond a dream for me. Being a part of this history with such a true leader of freedom and peace was an event that will be with me forever.

He certainly is the apple that fell from the tree; he resembles his uncle (JFK), and his father (RFK) in his words and love for the people and for democracy. He spoke on the topic of housing and homelessness happening across America. His view on this topic I was unfamiliar with, and I learned something that blew my mind and needs a thorough follow up until I can digest it. I need to transcribe the 45 minute video to get the info on the people and corporations involved.  I had heard of #Blackrock in regards to the war, but not in this context of housing.

(While I struggle to get my video of the event attached, this similar video (in nashville) covers much of the same topics from the meet and greet, but this has a better angle. I will keep trying to work out the bugs on my original.)

The energy from the ‘united’ people from all parties (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians) that were in attendance was felt throughout the small auditorium. I sat next to a conservative republican named Michael that said he now leans more with the Libertarian party.  We both agreed Mr. Kennedy was a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’. In the other seat next to me was a woman named Honor who was there with her husband. She listened to my talk with Michael intently about his policies, and our fight for the wild horses being eradicated in the West. She had followed the Kennedy family, and Bobby since he was little, but didn’t know much about his career or political campaign.  We were all impressed with Kennedy and he received multiple standing ovations throughout his speech. The people were moved by his sincere words of truth.

With less than a 24 hour notice, 120 people had signed up for the town hall event. But almost 600 showed up and were standing throughout the building as all the seats were already occupied. I was lucky to get one of the last seats, and it was in front row. Perfect! When the speech was over, he asked if we wanted to ask questions, or to get selfies.  My hand was up for the questions, but my team was overruled and the selfies won. I was ok with that too. He said that they had a system, and they have a record of 600 people getting selfies in 24 minutes, and if we followed protocol, it would happen today too. As busy as this man is, he tried to give the people what they wanted. Not sure if everyone got the ‘picture of a lifetime’ with his time constraints, but I’m sure he tried. After all, he had a plane to catch, I believe New Hampshire was his next stop.

I was one of the first in line and I told him ‘He was my hero’.  I was honored to have my photo taken with him, not because he’s running for President (though I am glad he is), but because of his track long track record for helping people and the environment from being poisoned by corporations, and for his calling out the corruption in our own government.

That to me shows his character! That’s the kind of man I want to represent me and my country!!!

His actions speak volumes!

“Words are just words, but your actions define you”. – Jennifer Robin

I left directly after my photograph was taken as I still had a three hour drive to get home to North Carolina. They mentioned that they planned to kick off campaigning in our state (NC) in the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be sure to attend those too.

I really should have fixed my hair, but I never suspected I would be standing here… and WOW, Mr. Kennedy is in great physical shape!

I truly believe in this man, in his integrity, in his honor, and in his truth.
I hope we get the opportunity to see what he can do to restore this
country back to greatness and heal the division!


I bought a t-shirt, a couple of buttons, and got a yard sign to use when I am out in my town handing out flyers and info packets I’ve been making. I also plan on making my ‘first ever’ political contribution to this team later today.

DONATE, as much or as little as you can. Every dollar counts towards a democracy free from corruption. He is the only one ever to acknowledge it, and to have a plan to fix it, on day one of his presidency!


McBryde Hall at Winthrop University. Rock Hill, South Carolina

For more info on this candidate, of his lifetime accomplishments, and quoted views on topics of concern, please see his Biography here.

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