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PROPOSED ROUNDUPS for 2022 season

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ROUNDUP / GATHER Contractors – Contracts

IN THE NEWS – Wild Horse and Burro Roundups



– The most notorious wild horse and burro roundup man in history! His career has spanned 50 years working for the DOI (Department of Interior), and BLM while raking in millions of taxpayer’s dollars every year on thousands of CT – full roundup contracts to gather up federally protected species.

He has also been indicted by the US government and plead guilty for two counts in 1992. Conspiracy (to sell wild horses to slaughter), and Use of aircraft to capture wild horses (aiding and abetting).  

His was fined $510, one year of supervised probation with a special condition that he shall not commit any offense in violation of the BLM law, and also given the ability to make millions of dollars doing it again, and again in future contracts for the same government for the next 50 years.

After sentencing and being found ‘GUILTY’ of the crimes charged, it looks like the first count of ‘conspiracy to knowingly have a part in the selling of federally protected species to slaughter’ was ‘dismissed’ on a motion from the US. The same ones that tried him! 

If I didn’t see it in writing, I wouldn’t believe that this occurred! If this isn’t a criminal enterprise from all involved, I don’t know what is!

Who says breaking the law is a bad thing? CRIME PAYS!

WARNING: Graphic Documentation of brutal results from Dave Cattoor and KG Livestock 2006 Shelton NWR roundup.

2007 The Use of Helicopters To Remove Wild Horses and Burros From Public.pdf

About / Contact

Dave Lee Cattoor
This includes active family involved in roundups as well SUE (wife), TROY (son)

On his website he addresses:
13.  Was Dave Cattoor convicted of a felony? He claims:
The real story is in August of 1990, Cliff Heaverne and Dave signed a contract with the Western Shoshone National Council to capture horses for the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe. The Tribe claimed these horses as Indian horses that were just running on BLM and Indian Lands. The horses were captured on the Duckwater Reservation but some did come from adjoining BLM land. The government declared the horses to be free roaming wild horses and charged Cliff and Dave and four others from the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe with count one, conspiracy, and count two, use of aircraft to capture wild horses and aiding and abetting. On the advice of their lawyer, Cliff and Dave plead guilty to the count two charge. This charge was a misdemeanor and they paid a $500 fine and were on probation for one year. The Indians decided to go to trial and were found not guilty. Had Cliff and Dave waited and gone to trial with the Shoshone Indians they probably would not have been found guilty either. If you are interested in seeing any of the documents from the courts and the lawyers or the contract with the Shoshone Tribe, please contact us. Click here to read a PDF file containing a Letter from BLM explaining the 1992 Duckwater Indian Tribe Horse Gather: Letter from Ron Wenker – BLM

He could have easily posted the court docs right next to the letter written above so you could see for yourself, but he didn’t. So we will show you the TRUTH. Read the 1992 Indictment for yourself. They knowlingly broke the law.

Be sure to see the results from Dave’s and Cliff Heaverne’s Shelton NWR 2007 roundup


aka Cliff Hevearne

KG – Full Roundup Contracts – coming soon


SS – Full Roundup Contracts


SJ – Full Roundup Contracts


CD – Full Roundup Contracts

UHALDE LIVESTOCK – Michael A. Uhalde (#UH)

aka Uhalde Brothers LLC (Gracian N. Uhalde, John P Uhalde, Michael A Uhalde, Tim Uhalde, Gianoli Husbands PLLC), John Uhalde & Co (Gracian N. Uhalde, Helen D Uhalde, John P Uhalde, Michael A Uhalde) – Family ran Cattle Grazing company. In 2017, UHALDE LIVESTOCK (Michael A. Uhalde) got into the roundup so they could have more control of federally protected wild horses that compete with their 13 grazing allotments on public lands that their family has been using for 50 years on both BLM and Forest Service land of Nevada.

UH – Full Roundup Contracts


RA – Full Roundup Contracts

CA 2009 helicopter hit a burro, and AZ 2008  contractor beating a burro that has been ran to exhaustion

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