Do you have a wild horse advocacy related question and can’t find an answer anywhere? Add it to the WISH LIST comment section below. If we don’t know the answer, WE, you and me, find it!

Do you want to answer and do the research for a wish list item ? Comment below or send me an email with the work you compiled. I’ll get it added as soon as I can (right now this community consists of 2 members). Do you want to be involved?

We need each of you!

Do you have special skills that might help in this fight?

From organization skills, website building, researchers, graph makers, data compilers, documentation, SEO skills to get our message far and wide, bloggers, fact checkers, editors, knowledge of the actual herds, attorney skills, photographers to document events, environmentalists, people so scroll the internet to find video links that show who is our political allies, and who isn’t.

I’m sure I left out more than I thought of. But you get the idea!

This is a brand new project, and still in the basics developing stage. I am hoping that in the future, this will be a location that anyone, from any group, can easily find ALL of the information from the past, and the present to answer their questions.

WISH LIST: of things I would like added and feel are important\

  • Data links to the public information we all seek, and spreadsheets exposing the truth going back into the history of this nation seem to be difficult to locate. We need more than today’s numbers. We have to record the last 50 years to show the consistent destruction of these herds. Grazing contracts, cattle numbers, horse numbers…..
  • Does anyone have a list of ‘state by state’ news media release emails already in link form like this one from:

    I could use a list like this for my data project so that when we contact new organizations for ‘STORIES THEY MAY COVER’, we can easily do it in bulk. I would like them done by each state so I can connect them to the individual state HMA page. Then I will add them all in bulk on the National HMA.

    Who wants to take on this project, or add too it? Wild horses need ‘ALL OF YOU’ to help make this ‘Fight for Freedom’ data base project a success.
  • What we need to know (with documentation) when animals were removed, where they were/are being held, holding pens and their locations, how many are left, are there any left, etc.
  • Links to the petitions, and legislatures actions for reading and getting involved!
  • Who are the ranchers, who has the contracts.
  • ALMOST DONE- Info about grazing, statistics, AUM’s current and past etc.
  • Documented evidence of abuse by BLM, and cattle ranchers.
  • Explaining the fences across America and the damage they cause to other wildlife (who are also under attack country wide)
  • Get the answers to the questions relating to groups and have it easily listed for those to find out the pros and cons of each group in a pdf/spreadsheet editable format.  How horse friendly are these groups on a sliding 1-10 scale? Are they non profit? Do they want the contraception? Which ones are doing the active legislative acts? Etc… So you know which one you want to give your donations too that will be best spent. This can change as the groups change.
  • Info I haven’t even considered. What do you know that’s valuable?
  • Why does the cattle industry have so much power?
  • Why are we allowing the BLM to break the laws that were meant to protect the wild horses. Aren’t usage of helicopters illegal?
  • Records needed for actual AMU on BLM properties, and info regarding sales/adoptions since holding facility was established.
  • IN PROGRESS: Getting actual animal estimates is nearly impossible with BLM website data. They tell you what the their AML is, but the #’s are usually lower than their target goal.  I am sure there is a PDF tucked somewhere in the governments system, along with info of Livestock in same areas to get a full headcount.
  • Do you know of roundup / removals / or gathers not listed here

  • I recall hearing of a 1000 horses missing from some holding center. Need updates. Comment below if interested in helping.
  • Do you have evidence of these federally protected animals being sent to slaughter. SHOW ME!

We use the past, present, future format with regular updates. This fight is long from over.

I don’t care where the source comes from, as long as its accurate, and verifiable. In some cases editable (PDF/spreadsheet) for adding info as we gather it, future info, and fixing errors when necessary so it can remain updated and current.

Any if you feel the desire to tackle the task, comment in the bottom of the WISH LIST page so we know who is currently working on what. No pressure… do it you do what you can. I’ll upload it.

If you get burned out, or don’t have time to keep going as life gets in the way…. someone else can take over where you left off, and you can jump back in when you can.   If someone feels they can improve any section of these pages, your efforts are welcomed!

There is a bunch of ways we can all be useful. Find an area you think is important, and do your homework. Cite your sources, add links, and put it together in an organized, easy to read format, and ready for upload in blog format.

‘Editable’ SPREADSHEETS are great for year to year and other comparisons. We need 20+ years of comparable records to show the steady decline of our wild horses. DOWNLOAD the pdf databases for records… you never know when it will disappear forever from our sources. We are fighting the government. They make the laws that can change how we get our information. Webpages, and links get changed all the time. So having ‘original’ hard copies is important.