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I often get asked by friends to "take me there' or 'take me with you next time' when you go back. It is quite an honor when your images effect others in this way. Though my usual response is...


Nageezi, NM - day 6 I've been restless all night, I arose way too early. The excitement overcoming my ability to sleep. My next location is Chaco Canyon a World Heritage Site - also known as Chaco Culture National Historic Park. If you've never been to a heritage site, they are world renowned for their... Continue Reading →

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NEW MEXICO – photographic journal – 3 of 5

I am aware that it is duck hunting season and I have already passed a few parked trucks, so I don't know if I will be able to access the area safely. But I too am 'hunting', so I don't let this deter me. Upon arriving I pull over at the road entrance and read the signs with my headlight, and find out that Unit A is currently closed to hunters, so with that information, I am delighted. It's still dark out, and I look down by the sign with my flashlight and see a huge frozen print, paw print that is....

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I began my journey from my home in western NC, USA. After a grueling 14+ hour flight with layovers, and then jumping on another even smaller plane for a few more hours, my travel companion and I finally arrived in the southern region of Chile - Patagonia

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