Sound Familiar?

“Everything you accept for another, you must be willing to accept for yourself”  


WILD HORSE AND BURROS:  Federally protected by law in 1971

DID YOU KNOW: They (wild horse and burros) are the only other animals besides the Eagle (American Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle) to ever receive ‘federal law’ protection? That means a law was enacted ‘just for them’ to guarantee them safety from extinction. This is not the same as the Endangered Species Act, in which multiple animals are given broad protection.

And yet….

They are intentionally targeted for elimination from their given lands and by the very government that is supposed to protect them. (#DOI – Department of the Interior, #BLM – Bureau of Land Management, #NFS – National Forest Service, & #Congress).

Violently and aggressively taking entire families from their homes: assaulted, chased by helicopters, captured, eradicated and forced from their land, caged and transported, imprisoned, family separation, segregated, branded, forced fertility & sterilization (ending their ability to reproduce / altering their lineage), euthanized for disability (blindness, deafness, old age, or physical deformity), murdered, slaughtered (often while conscious), mass extermination (shot and buried), and enslaved in which they loose their federal protection (also called adoption which opens the door to auctions and kill buyers).

Does any of this sound familiar?      

When you consider other species who have endured most of these same instances, and in all accounts the best way to describe it is a HOLOCAUST!       #wildhorseholocaust

Help us end the Wild horse and Burro ROUNDUPS! #haltthehelicopters


For more information on the plight of the mustang (wild horses) and burros of America:   


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