Jennifer Robin

Western, North Carolina

Join me on my voyage across the continents, and witness the world through my eyes. Traveling thousands of miles down roads unknown, and making an effort to get lost with each turn I make.  Seeking out adventure wherever I go, and having the patience to wait for the right shot to emerge.  My passions lead me into the outdoors, so I concentrate mostly on nature and wildlife photography.  That is where I feel most at home.  I also engage in architecture, automobile, street, and insect photography, because there is beauty in even the smallest of overlooked creatures.

Feel free to come along on my journey of exploration. I will take you places you would never see: unless you were willing to endure a 28 mile round trip hike through the lush mountainous jungles of Costa Rica and wade crocodile infested waters; Or a 20 mile hike along the Hawaiian coastline, in the unrelenting sun, to see the endangered breeding Laysan Albatross & Hawaiian Seals. Better yet, if you would rather…. you can join me on my excursions from your cozy chair and visit places you’d never imagine without even breaking a sweat. Let’s Go!!

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  1. What you have compiled here is as herculean of an effort as it gets. Mind-numbing, backbreaking, labor of love. And very deeply appreciated. Thank you, Jennifer!

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