With hunting season starting here, and dogs packed in freezing metal crates in route to be dropped off miles from home with tracking collars to lure hunters right to the prey, I thought to show where these dogs live ‘full time’ throughout the winter season. Notice the body position of the one on left. It’s too cold to sit all the way down for these short haired dogs. The dangling metal chains, hydraulic fluid water buckets (usually frozen to lick like a popsicle and likely contaminated with cancer causing agents not suitable for drinking), Open plastic barrels that drip condensation into their hay (if they were lucky to get some), and open to the wind and freezing air. The wind often blows the rain and snow directly inside. This is their barrier from the harsh winter weather. Where temperatures can reach in the teens for days/weeks at a time.

This is legal in NC, 24 hours on a chain. With no escape, many dogs will freeze to death if the winter is a bad one. The laws do not protect these poor helpless dogs.

Close to home

Sadly, this is my neighbor’s dogs (5, only 3 are pictured). He was such a nice young man when he was younger. Before I started to report him, I would speak with him directly.

I’ve offered to help build him build adequate dry homes…. he refused.

I asked him to change direction of a few barrels that get regular full force winds right through the entrance. Wind directions are usually the same as they come up through the valley. If the barrel was turned 45 degrees to the left, the wind would hit the side and not go directly into the house full force. He refuses to take even such a simple step. This could make a huge difference for a couple of the dogs (like the one on the right). By doing so the snow drifts won’t end up ‘in the dogs house.’

I’ve asked him to bring the dogs fresh water in the mornings. They would have at least some source other than a block of ice. He doesn’t. How do I know? I’ve staked out his house and waited all day on a few occasions.

This is the way he does it, because this is the way its always been done here in the mountains.

Now… I turn him in every year even though his animal shelter buddies come to do the welfare check, The usual outcome is a slap on the back and a “see ya next year.” While it may seem like I am wasting my time knowing the outcome already, I am not deterred. I know my voice is on record! Until the dog is found dead, it’s not animal abuse or neglect.

This is not an isolated case! The mountains of NC have thousands of similar places, and not all are hunting dogs. Many ‘family pets’ are kept this way too.

One day, the laws might change and the suffering dogs will finally get the justice they deserve.

I have spent my entire life fighting for one animal or another.

It is who I am…. It’s in my veins! I’ll never stop!

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”

Immanuel Kant
multiple hound dog's live their entire lives on the end of a chain in frigid winter climates

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I am sure this was Lacey’s life before you found her. I was so blessed to have her in my life. I tried to adopt another, but it didn’t work out. I just wanted another Lacey. She was such a gentle, beautiful soul.

    1. There’s a good possibility Lacey and the dogs in the picture were from the same owner. He denied it when I confronted him but the fact that she had been breeded so much and was at the end of her need is why he released her, at least that’s what I believe

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