Clan Alpine public comment. DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2023-0004-EA

March 29 2023 We know that Clan Alpine HMA, HA, and Mountains are the traditional homeland of the Nuumu and Newe people and tribal members have a long history religious and spiritual connection with horses as they are considered a ‘powerful source of healing’ among all nations. The tribal members also use the clan alpine region as... Continue Reading →

Recipe of the day:

Everyone that knows me, knows I spoils my pups. That’s probably why so many have just shown up on my doorstep over the years. I think the word around town got out, that if you want live like a king, come here. And they did, one by one. Every couple of weeks, I usually boil... Continue Reading →


With hunting season starting here, and dogs packed in freezing metal crates in route to be dropped off miles from home with tracking collars to lure hunters right to the prey, I thought to show where these dogs live 'full time' throughout the winter season. Notice the body position of the one on left. It's... Continue Reading →

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