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“Everything you accept for another, you must be willing to accept for yourself” - JenniferRobin.Gallery


With hunting season starting here, and dogs packed in freezing metal crates in route to be dropped off miles from home with tracking collars to lure hunters right to the prey, I thought to show where these dogs live 'full time' throughout the winter season. Notice the body position of the one on left. It's... Continue Reading →

Travel sets you free

I often get asked by friends to "take me there' or 'take me with you next time' when you go back. It is quite an honor when your images effect others in this way. Though my usual response is...


Nageezi, NM - day 6 I've been restless all night, I arose way too early. The excitement overcoming my ability to sleep. My next location is Chaco Canyon a World Heritage Site - also known as Chaco Culture National Historic Park. If you've never been to a heritage site, they are world renowned for their... Continue Reading →

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