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Established in July of 2021, a community compiled data based page pulling important  ‘DATA and FACTS’  from a multitude of sources: groups, advocates, public hearings, government sources, news articles, individuals, etc….  in an effort to keep ALL important data and information easily accessible for anyone who wants it, and all in ‘one place’. This info could be valuable to a court hearing that might turn the tides for the the wild horses.

As a new advocate myself, I am spending countless hours just trying to understand it all. Jumping from subject to subject, digging for the truth. There is a lot to know, and even more to find out!  

The idea came to me as I was searching for information that likely had already been ‘located’ by someone at some time in the past, as the fight for wild horses is older than I am. On the Facebook groups… I kept seeing the same questions being asked, and often questions would have no answer, or being answered over and over. A lot of redundancy. There is a lot of confusion out there. I would find some valuable info on one group page, and then more on another, then forget where I saw it and how to find it again. Some groups are for certain state herds, and others country wide.

But questions I still have went unanswered. I felt that I was spinning my wheels just trying to understand the basics, and my time could be spent better doing something more relevant if this info was more easily found and organized.

Often I would hear someone say they read something important, and can’t remember where, only to get lost in the internet.

On occasion, I would hear from individuals claiming that some horse groups aren’t our horse friends and are actually exploiting the cause for profits. Perhaps they believe in contraception, lower numbers, or self serving financial motives, it’s hard to say.

I’m new to this fight, and how is one to know? Which ones are the good ones?  Isn’t anyone fighting for this cause a good one? How many hours do I need to spend to find this out too?  As you can see…. I have my work cut out for me just getting caught up.

update Sep 2021 : I have reason to believe many well known advocates are just chasing the almighty $$$ and getting rich doing ‘advocacy’. A few are actually working with BLM. I plan to do a thorough investigation as soon as I complete what I am currently working on. This will be my next big project!

Wouldn’t it be easier if I could find out that information for everyone?

FAST FORWARD TO WHERE WE ARE ONE MONTH LATER – AUGUST OF 2021 —- WOW HAS THIS EFFORT GROWN! I have worked almost non stop, consumed by this project. Minimal sleep because I wake in the night with an idea that I must make come to life, research that I must complete.

I have put my life on hold, ignored my loved ones, played hooky from work, and as a photographer… I haven’t focused on my business at all. I felt a need to create this project. This poem that was dedicated to the Wild horse warriors describes it perfectly. It’s not a choice, it’s a calling!

Most of the wish list I have completed myself. Still working on a few areas (I’ll update it later)

  • Get the answers to the questions we all are asking and have it easily listed for those to find out the pros and cons of each group in a pdf/spreadsheet editable format.  How horse friendly are these groups on a sliding 1-10 scale? Are they non profit? Do they want the contraception? Etc… This can change as the groups change
  • Data links to the public information we all seek, jpegs, and spreadsheets exposing the truth going back into the history of this nation seem to be troublesome to locate. We need more than today’s numbers. We have to record the last 30 years to show the consistent destruction of these herds. Grazing contracts, cattle numbers, horse numbers…..
  • BLM claims 177 HMA in 10 states. That’s all the info I know. That’s not enough. This needs to be broken down by state, individual herds, and documented from the last 20 years. With links to when animals were removed, where they were/are being held, how many are left, are there any left, and place all in one location. Not on 50 different links.
  • Links to the all the petitions, and legislatures actions for reading and getting involved!
  • Who Is the BLM and why are they doing this? What is their motive? Objective?
  • Who are the ranchers, who has the contracts, how much are they making?
  • Info about grazing, statistics, AUM’s current and past etc.
  • Documented evidence of abuse by BLM, and cattle ranchers.
  • Explaining the fences across America and the damage they cause to other wildlife (who are also under attack country wide)
  • Info I haven’t even considered. What do you know that’s valuable?
  • Why does the cattle industry have so much power?
  • Why are we allowing the BLM to break the laws that were meant to protect the wild horses. Aren’t usage of helicopters illegal? The laws have changed? when did they change?

What if I had a group that would work together to find the answers, a community effort by all of us?

I can see there are plenty of us out there already doing this on a small scale all by themselves. Let’s make this a huge scale! It’s past time it got organized! Let’s get connected! All of us!

We use the past, present, future format with regular updates, and connect to links that will do that so this data base doesn’t have too and can keep current. This fight is long from over.

I don’t care where the source comes from, as long as its accurate, and verifiable. In some cases editable (PDF/spreadsheet) for adding info as we gather it, future info, and fixing errors when necessary so it can remain updated and current.

Yes, I know a lot of this info is on other groups. A little here, and little there…. Find the best info and link to them. They are the voices of these special animals and have been fighting alone for years.

(If anyone wishes to be removed from this national public data base, I will remove you at your request, and link somewhere else, click here). I apologize in advance…. there are too many to contact initially, and since you are public, your links are as well. I will always give you credit for your effort, your images, and your work links.

This is a MOVEMENT! This effort it to COMBINE and COLLABORATE us ALL together.

Alone we can only do so much, but together we can accomplish our objective to:



Onaqui Herd


We are all focused on saving the Wild Horses of America. We all want to help and don’t know how, but we are smart, creative, able, and caring individuals.  The battle that has been fought for many years by thousands of people is not gaining much ground. Actually the opposite. I know the advocacy groups must be exhausted!

The horses are still being captured, and they are still disappearing from our public lands every year. We need to think outside the box, and get MORE PEOPLE involved in this effort. POWER in numbers!

It will take an army of advocates working together to push back. Together we have strength! We need to get a corroborated effort by everyone. Share what we know because it’s all for the same cause. Reach outside of our comfort zones. Stop the infighting and ego within the groups. We are all in the same fight, even if we have different ways of doing things! Any info we gather can be used by all. This isn’t a competition, we fight for the freedom of the WILD HORSES OF AMERICA!

We need each of you!

Do you have special skills that might help in this fight?

From researchers, graph makers, data compilers, documentation, SEO skills to get our message far and wide, bloggers, fact checkers, editors, knowledge of the actual herds, attorney skills, photographers to document events, environmentalists, people so scroll the internet to find video links that show who is our political allies, and who isn’t. I’m sure I left out more than I thought of. But you get the idea!

This is a brand new project, and still in the basics developing stage. I am hoping that in the future, this will be a location that anyone can easily find ALL of the information from the past, and the present to answer their questions.

Do you have a question and can’t find an answer, add it to the WISH LIST. If we don’t know the answer, WE find it!


We need people who don’t know about this issue, to hear about it. Spread it far and wide!

Someone mentioned that the cattle ranchers and BLM might use this info we gather in their defense. I’m not worried. Nothing they gather here will be in their best interest! It’s all a matter of public record. And anything they use will end up in discovery and a matter of record in the courts. Let’s have so much info and evidence, they couldn’t keep up with it!

What they don’t have, that we do…. PASSION, LOVE, WILL, DEVOTION, EMPATHY, STRENGTH, and POWER in numbers. Lets make this a bigger movement than the Women’s march of 2017. They may have power that money can by, but they don’t have a team of FREE advocates who donate their efforts, go above and beyond, and are willing to get their hands dirty for the cause! For the love of WILD HORSES that roam this land!

I have a WISH LIST of things I would like added and feel are important, as I create it, I will put it up for everyone to see.

Any if you feel the desire to tackle the task, comment in the bottom of the WISH LIST page so we know who is currently working on what. No pressure… do it you do what you can. I’ll upload it.

If you get burned out, or don’t have time to keep going as life gets in the way…. someone else can take over where you left off, and you can jump back in when you can.   If someone feels they can improve any section of these pages, your efforts are welcomed!

There is a bunch of ways we can all be useful. Find an area you think is important, and do your homework. Cite your sources, add links, and put it together in an organized, easy to read format, and ready for upload in blog format. SPREADSHEETS are great for year to year and other comparisons. We need 20+ years of comparable records to show the steady decline of our wild horses. DOWNLOAD the pdf databases for records… you never know when it will disappear forever from our sources. Webpages, and links get changed all the time.

This is not a place for opinions!

This is facts, figures, and documentation. Add your contact info, profile links so we can connect you and give you credit for your work, and also so we can verify you are not on the other team giving us false information. Any information to be included on this page must be 100% accurate, unbiased, and not falsified!

My Story

It has always been my dream to get to photograph wild horses. I was supposed to visit some in NC outer banks in 2020, but that didn’t pan out. So when I found out there were wild horse in Utah where I had a family trip planned, I made sure this was on the itinerary. I was able to visit the Onaqui herd in April 19 of 2021 for a mere ‘few hours’ while visiting the State of Utah. It was an experience that changed me by just being in their presence, even for such a short time. One I will never forget.

When I returned home I found a few wild horse groups on Facebook to post my images too. It is only then that I found out about the upcoming Onaqui roundup that was occurring in July. As I started researching more, I found out this event is not the only one…. It is bigger than I could even fathom with multiple herds, thousands of animals across the nation being rounded up by helicopters, held in pens for years, and illegal slaughter. This is a crisis that I had never heard of, but has been going on for decades.

There is a massive effort to eradicate these protected wild horses from public lands by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the very people that are supposed to be protecting them under the 1971 law. This occurs in the interest of the rapidly growing cattle industry.

This issue, while it seems simple really has many different factors involved.

If we get the details of the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW is the way we ultimately find solutions.

We can leave nothing out… even if it ruffles feathers.

It is all connected, and is bigger than just rounding up horses from our public lands at taxpayers expense.


As you can see, those few short hours I spent with the Onaqui Herd had a major impact on me.

And this project is what came from it.

Transparency, truth, and facts! That’s the mission!

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  1. I am so glad I found this group of people. I have been thinking the same thing for years. unfortunately my health has set me back. I just did 5 major surgeries in 15 months and currently booking surgeries 42 and 43! I also have one wild mustang rescued out of a kill pen. Cortez was wild, senior, abused, starved and beaten. I have had him and a crippled mare Rain for 6 1/2 years. Cortez is MY inspiration !!! I promised him NEVER AGAIN and I would do all I could for his wild family. I begged him to live. He had the given up look in his eyes. I told him you have a MOM now and I will fight for you! I have never stopped fighting for his family. Cortez’s HMA is just south of me (southern Oregon) called the Twin Peaks HMA. It’s the largest HMA, yet BLM rounded up these mustangs who have plenty of lands and water etc. It runs from Susanville, Calif to Washoe County, Nevada. What worries me more however is the 2 small herds in Oregon. They were also rounded up this year! The one herd had approx 150 horses and BLM rounded up approx 75 to 80 not counting those who were killed or died. This herd is no longer a viable population. It will die out on its own now. There’s not enough genetic diversity to keep the herd alive. I tried to raise a outcry, but these small herds do not have the “drawing” attention like well known bigger herds. No one seemed to notice or care. Please help me keep these smaller herds noticed and let’s fight for All wild horses not just the well known named herds!! Thank you!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I, too, am newish to the shocking news and need to advocate for North America’s wild horses, too. I started watching videos during a research on the slaughter industry, which has led me to current research on our wild horses disappearances and extrapolations. It’s all ran by big money and cattle ranchers’ interests. I’ve researched and followed articles, YouTube videos, and some other websites for the past year or two. Have you come across “American Wild Horse Campaign’s” website yet? They have had a few successes with litigation hearings and other horse rescue initiatives, involving strong attorneys and rescue organizations. They currently discuss the most recent roundup held in Wyoming’s Checkerboard Region. It is the largest in history. AWHC also has a page of previous roundups dating back to 2019. BLM’s plan for Wyoming covers 3.4 million acres that will conclude to remove 50% of the states wild mustangs, a total of 3,555 horses. Here is a link to the day-to-day status and numbers rounded up, birth control management, and some being released onto designated new land. The reports are from one of their representatives, who is also a photographer.


    This website helped a newbie, like me, find out a lot of information on this devastating topic. I also found a report and discussion on how the Salt River Horses were saved from removal. Not sure what state you’re in, but I found your page on AWHC, so you may know this about the horses. These similar methods and plans could be incorporated to use, with certain special interest groups who want them removed, as a stepping stone in collaborating efforts to save our wild horses. Here is a link I found on US Forest Service’s website for Tonto National Forest, AZ:


    More information check this link here, too.


    Since I’m in school right now, I have access to research databases, so Ile to was able to fully download this book from a 2013 scientific perspective. You might be to open it on their “guest” access. I haven’t read it completely, only found some pieces of information in articles.


    Here is a list of other resources I found:


    Well, I hope some of these links help, as I would love to get involved with your new group more. I’m actually studying business finance and hope to finish with a business analytic’s degree, too. Some day, I may be able to help more. I also sent a request to volunteer with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to learn more about these majestic creatures and efforts that helped their safety in the wild. Take care…Christina

  3. Hello Deb
    Thank you for joining the fight. I read the transcript of the recent podcast on the wild horse roundups and was astounded at the BLM propaganda talking points of drought and overpopulation with no regard to actual facts pertaining to herd mismanagement and advocacy. I have tried to submit a response to NPR for several days, actually almost a week now and keep getting an error message “sorry something went wrong” you comment did not go through. Perhaps you could tell me how to contact them with my comments without going through their comment section on the website. I know several people offered rebuttals to the piece and I think there should be another piece written with “the rest of the story.”
    thanks for your time

  4. Is there a specific link to send you information? I have media info for a few states on spreadsheets. Sorry if I’m missing it.

      1. I’m heading to BLM in Grand Junction and doing an interview on Friday IF I can get anyone to talk to me on camera.

  5. I’ve found years of BLM corruption in Colo. Now im getting first hand interviews..documenting through ” Not Pretty Horse photos” the Truth about WHB misconduct and shear greed of BLM/USFS and Advos and KILL buyers.
    So much usery and hatred toward OUR protected WILDS.
    More later.

  6. I’m donating to several wildhorse groups. My background is working as a host with TV and radio though for firearms groups and running a women’s outdoor charity foundation. Right now I’m working on getting NPR to cover the wildhorse issues and specifically the mismanagement by BLM. I just signed up to help the MARR Express Ride starting in Arizona to go cross country telling the Wildhorse story…

    1. Hey Deb… That’s fantastic. We need people like you who are actively making efforts. So many talk and that’s about it. Look over the site when you have time and let me know where you can help. Media is great! If you already have video or something built somewhere. No hurry… I’m only a week in and swamped getting working pages up. Any ideas area definitely welcomed an I will get them up a soon as I can! Welcome to the group. Your the first member! 🙂

    2. Network/Cable Television
      National Public Radio
      1111 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
      Phone: 202-513-2000 / 202-513-3232
      Contact form
      Ombudsman/Public Editor, Elizabeth Jensen: @ejensenNYC

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