Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

A full biography of Robert F Kennedy Jr. containing: a lifetime of accomplishments for people and the environment and also included is many of his famous quotes.

Presidential Candidate

“All Truth passes through Three Stages:
First, it is Ridiculed…
Second, it is Violently Opposed…
Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer (1778-1860)

covers many topics
 QUOTES by RFK jr.
On Winning presidency ✔✔✔“I intend to be successful, I don’t have a plan B.” –  RFK jr.  

“We’re going to do a mass experiment- and see what happens when you tell people the truth. My job is to tell people the truth, and if Americans have an appetite for that, than I will be president. “ – RFK Jr. (2023)   
“We will also clean up government and earn back the peoples trust. We will end the secrecy, the censorship, and the surveillance. We will again be a fearless land of liberty.” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“The free flow of information is the sunlight and water and fertilizer for democracy.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  
On CORRUPTION“My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my Presidency, will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country…to poison our children and our people with chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, to strip mine our assets, to hollow out the middle class, and keep us in a constant state of war.”  

The CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH = “captive agencies” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“I used to watch these figures with admiration. I also watched how the industry, supposedly being regulated, used it’s indentured servants on Capitol Hill and its financial clout to substantially hollow out these agencies beginning in the 1980s, disabling their regulatory function, while transforming them into sock puppets for the very industry Congress charged them with regulating.”  

“Agency capture is pervasive” – RFK Jr. 2020  

“We need a president, at this time in history, who can stand up to his bureaucracy.” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr  jun 22 2023  

“I would say I have a PHD in how to unravel agency capture because I’ve been suing these agencies for so many years. I’ve been involved in litigation many many cases with EPA, which is captured by oil, by coal; HHS and the pharmaceutical industry which owns NIH, CDC, and FDA; I’ve litigated against the Department Of Agriculture because it’s captured by Smithfield, Tyson, and Monsanto. And all of those agencies, the umbilical cords to industry have to be broken. They’re basically functioning as wholly-owned subsidiaries for the industries they’re supposed to regulate. Most politicians get in there hoping to drain the swamp. I’m not intimidated by the agencies. I know how they work and I know how to change them. Most of those changes you do not need congress for. With a stroke of the pen you can change back the rule that allows pharmaceutical advertisers to direct to consumer ads on television. Another thing that I can do is I can open up all the databases. CDC keeps it in a lock box like Fort Knox and makes sure no scientists allowed in there. Well, I’ll open up that database on day one. I have a hundred things that I am going to do immediately to unravel the agency capture in these agencies. I will end that overnight!”  – RFK Jr. (2023, jul 6). Corporations Captured. ✔  
Government, democracy
“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.  

“They aggravate the problem, then sell us the solution” – RFK Jr.  

“In 1963 about 80% of people trusted their government, today its 22% trust their government and 22% trust the press. The lowest ever!”  

“America cannot be an empire abroad and continue to be a democracy at home.” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  

“Democracy is messy, and it’s hard. It’s never easy” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  

“No, I don’t trust authority; I need to see the details” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  
On MORALS,  INTEGRITY, and discussions
of facts
“Show me where I got it wrong, let’s talk about it”. – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“Number 1: You can change my mind if you confront me with facts. Number 2: If you don’t change my mind with facts, I’m going to stick to my guns, and nobody can boot me.” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“I welcome what I’ve done and am at peace with the choices I have made. I understand, I’m living in a world where I’m opposing large forces that are very very powerful, and are able to silence me.” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“If we don’t talk to them, how will we persuade them? I will talk to anyone.” – Robert F Kennedy Jr.  

“I talk to them but I do not compromise my values. I believe in all the democratic values I was raised with, but I believe that we should talk to people from all sides”  – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  
On RELIGION“I think we need some positive role models as well that stress what’s important about life — that we’re not just materialistic beings, we’re not just biological beings, we are spiritual beings, as well. … It’s tough living with one foot in the spiritual world and another foot in the material world,” he said, “and the saints were people who showed us how to do that.”  link   “To me, the environmental work is spiritual work — we have a biological drive to consume the planet, to compete, and ultimately to destroy what God has created, and that can only be overcome with a spiritual fire,” Kennedy said. “I don’t think nature is God, or that we ought to be worshipping it as God, but I do believe it’s the way that God communicates to us most forcefully.”  
“The economy is the source of strength, not bullets and weapons.”  

“In a true free market economy, you can’t make yourself rich without enriching your community.” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  

“In 100% of the situations, good environmental policy is identical to good economic policy,”  
On GUNS and the 2nd Amendment“I do not believe that there is, within that second amendment, that there’s anything we can meaningfully do to reduce the trade in the ownership of guns,” link  link  

“I am not going to take people’s guns away, and I believe in gun control myself,” he said. link  
“Nature is the infrastructure of our communities, the ultimate source of our values and virtues as a people.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (2003, 2014)  

“The environment is the infrastructure of our communities. As a nation, as a civilization, it’s our obligation to create communities for our children that provide them with opportunities for dignity and good health. When we destroy nature, we diminish ourselves and impoverish our children. We ignore that at our own peril.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2007  

“ Good environmental policy – 100% of the time – is identical to good economic policy.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

“My environmental policy as President will put people and places FIRST.”   link  

“If we treat the planet as if it were a business in liquidation, convert all of our natural resources to cash to have a few more years of prosperity, we can generate an instantaneous cash flow and the illusion of a prosperous economy; but our children are going to pay for our joyride.”  link  

“What we do as environmentalists is we elbow our way into the courts, or onto the editorial pages or into the back hallways of Capitol Hill — where the mining companies, the oil companies, the cigarette companies, the big ranchers and the Cattleman’s Association are all cutting up the pie that belongs to us — and we say, ‘We are emissaries for the future, and we demand an accounting. We want to know what you’re doing with those things that don’t belong to you, that belong to the future.'” link

“We have to stop allowing people to make the argument that an investment in the environment is a diminishment of our nation’s wealth. It doesn’t diminish our wealth; it’s an investment in our nation’s infrastructure, the same as investing in telecommunications or roads. . . . Good environmental policy 100 percent of the time is identical to good economic policy.” link
“Poverty in this country and the destruction of the middle class is systemic. And one of the big culprits is war, is these continuous wars of this job we’ve taken on of being policeman of the world”  

“The government announced that it was going to drop medicare for up to 15million Americans. The same month the government announced that it is printing 300 billion extra dollars to pay off the silicon valley bank to bail it out. So, we have money for wars, we have money bankers that need bailouts, but what happens to the American people when they’re on hard times? Shouldn’t we have compassion for them?”  
In 2005 he described himself as “pro-life,” and while he still believes in that for himself, he also is “pro-choice”, and believes in a woman’s right to choose. He states… “I don’t think the government has any business telling people what they can and cannot do with their body. I’m not going to be in a position, allow myself into a position where I’m going to be telling a woman to bring a child to term that she doesn’t want. I don’t think it’s a good solution. I think every abortion is a tragedy. And, you know, as I said, I came from a family that was very, very divided on this issue. I’ve seen pictures of third term abortions and I’m appalled by them. But.. and will do everything I can to end those in other ways. But I don’t think the government… I think the worst illusion is that the government is involved in decisions that should be belong to a woman.“

“I don’t think there’s anybody in this country who’s worked harder for medical freedom, for bodily autonomy, than me.”  link  
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Kennedy, R.F.Jr. (2023). (Courage, Honesty, Transparency for Government)  

RECONCILIATION America is more polarized and divided now than at any time in living memory. Both sides seem to agree that the basic problem is the horrible people on the other side. Both sides are wrong. The basic problem is the division itself. A divided public lacks the strength to resist exploitation or to overcome the inertia of the status quo. The classic American can-do spirit exhausts itself in endless battles. So let’s heal the divide. “Every nation, like every individual, has a darker side and a lighter side. The easiest thing for a politician to do is to appeal to our greed, to our anger, to our fear, to our xenophobia, our bigotry, all of the alchemies of tribalism. I will appeal instead to our generosity as a people, our goodness, our kindness, and our courage.”…
HONEST GOVERNMENT “A democratic government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. But government institutions have betrayed our trust. The intelligence agencies spy on our own people. Government and tech platforms conspire to surveil and censor the public. Regulatory agencies have been captured by those they are supposed to regulate: Wall Street controls the SEC. Polluters and extractive industries dominate the EPA and BLM. Pharma controls the CDC, NIH, and FDA. Big Ag controls the USDA. Big Tech has captured the FTC. No wonder trust in government is at all-time lows. It’s time to earn it back. We are going to remake public institutions to serve the public. We will roll back the secrecy and make government transparent. We will protect whistleblowers and prosecute officials who abuse the public trust. We will rein in the lobbyists and slam shut the revolving door that shunts people from government agencies to lucrative positions in the companies they were supposed to regulate, and back again. We will get money out of politics. We will open our institutions to real citizen involvement. We will restore integrity to government….”  
ENVIRONMENT First, we will shift agricultural subsidies so as to encourage regenerative practices. Today, a new generation of farmers and ranchers is building soil, replenishing groundwater, and detoxifying land, all while producing just as much food as conventional farmers and earning a decent livelihood. Secondly, we will incentivize the transition of industry to zero-waste cycles and clean energy sources, and forge agreements with other countries to implement these policies throughout the global supply chain. These first two policies will vastly reduce the toxic waste, industrial poisons, and pesticides that make people and ecosystems sick. Finally, we will protect wild lands from further development, by curbing mining, logging, oil drilling, and suburban sprawl. We will become a global advocate for rainforest preservation and marine restoration. We will rethink development policies that promised economic growth while ignoring ecological sustainability, and ended up delivering neither….  
PEACE In the long term, a nation’s strength does not come from its armies. America spends as much on weaponry as the next nine nations combined, yet the country has grown weaker, not stronger, over the last 30 years. Even as its military technology has reigned supreme, America has been hollowing out from the inside. We cannot be a strong or secure nation when our infrastructure, industry, society, and economy are infirm….  
CIVIL LIBERTIES Our administration will make it a top priority to protect and restore the fundamental civil liberties, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, that hold the essence of what America can be. These liberties have endured constant assault for over twenty years, starting with the Bush/Cheney War on Terror, and accelerating in the era of Covid lockdowns. Freedom of speech is the capstone of all other rights and freedoms. Once a government has the power to silence its opponents, no other right is safe. We will therefore dismantle the censorship-industrial complex, in which Big Tech censors, deplatforms, shadowbans, and algorithmically suppresses any person or opinion the government asks them to. We will respect the right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, by ending mass surveillance of American citizens and the abuse of civil asset forfeiture. We will make sure that the Covid-era suspension of the right to assembly, trial by jury, and freedom of worship will never happen again. The same for the right to property….  
REVITALIZATION The time has come to reverse America’s economic decline, decades in the making. Our country faces a widening wealth gap (the most unequal since the 1920s), rampant debt, decaying infrastructure, and a hollowed-out industrial base. Every night, tens of millions of American children go to bed hungry. Millions of Americans must choose between food and medicine; millions more are living on the edge, just a single car repair away from disaster. And these problems are even worse for Black, Native, and other minority populations.  Government assistance to the nation’s most vulnerable is a high priority, but even more important is to reverse the policies that have led to such poverty in the first place. We will rebuild the industrial infrastructure, ruined by forty years of off-shoring and misguided “free trade” schemes. We will enact policies that favor small and medium businesses, which are the nation’s real job creators and the dynamos of American enterprise. We will support labor in reclaiming its fair share of American prosperity. We will break up “too-big-to-fail” banks and monopolies, and when crisis strikes, bail out the homeowners, debtors, and small business owners instead….  


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – was the founder of Waterkeeper Alliance (1999, retired in 2020), as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and an environmental law specialist and partner in the law firms of Morgan & Morgan and of Kennedy & Madonna, LLP. Through litigation, lobbying, teaching, and public campaigns and activism, Kennedy has advocated for the protection of waterways, indigenous rights, and renewable energy. He was also a clinical professor and supervising attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic.

Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author, with a long list of published books including the New York Times’ bestseller, “Crimes Against Nature.” Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment and children’s health stems from a litany of successful legal actions. He received recognition for his role in the landmark victory against Monsanto, as well as in the DuPont Case that inspired the movie “Dark Waters” (2019).

●He received his diploma from ‘Palfrey Street School.’
●He went to the famous ‘Harvard College,’ from where he graduated with a ‘Bachelor of Arts’ degree in 1976.
●He also studied at the London School of Economics
●He attended ‘The University of Virginia School of Law’ to earn himself ‘The Juris Doctor’ degree.
●He has a ‘Master of Laws’ degree, which he earned from ‘Pace University.

Career:  (Partial List – See Wiki  Reference for more)
● Kennedy Jr. began his career in 1983, when he started serving as the Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, he resigned in 1983 when he didn’t pass the bar exam. In 1984, he joined the famous non-profit environmental organization, ‘Riverkeeper.’ After joining as an investigator, he became the senior prosecuting attorney of the organization and was eventually admitted to the New York bar.
●A good percentage of the total environmental enforcement lawsuits of ‘Riverkeeper’ was litigated and supervised by Kennedy Jr. He also served as a board member of another organization called ‘Long Island Soundkeeper.’ As a part of these environmental organizations, he had to fight against the administration of many cities and industries along the Connecticut and New York coastlines. On the Hudson, Kennedy brought a series of lawsuits against municipalities and against industries, including Consolidated Edison and General Electric to stop discharging pollution and to clean up legacy contamination.
●Kennedy Jr. played a crucial role in ending the practice of shooting lead shots into the Long Island Sound, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The act, which was practiced by ‘Skeet Gun Club’ and ‘Remington Arms Trap,’ was ended after Kennedy’s landmark victory.
●He filed lawsuits to shut down ‘New York Athletic’ clubs and Pelham Bay landfill, claiming the facilities were causing troubles to those who visit Long Island Sound. He also filed a number of lawsuits against municipalities and industries that were discharging pollution into the environment.
●In 1987, Kennedy Jr. came up with ‘Environmental Litigation Clinic’ and made it a part of ‘Pace University School of Law.’ He then served as the supervising attorney and co-director of the program for the next three decades. The clinic then became responsible for prosecuting a number of companies and governments for polluting Hudson River and Long Island Sound.
●Apart from cleaning up various cities and minimizing the damage caused to the environment, ‘The Pace Clinic’ also serves as an inspiration to many other environmental-friendly law clinics like ‘Golden Gate,’ ‘Boalt Hall,’ ‘Widener,’ and ‘Rutgers.’
●In 1991, Kennedy Jr. represented environmentalists in a number of lawsuits against New York State and New York City. He even wrote many reports and articles claiming that New York State was failing to fulfill its responsibility. In 1996, he played a critical role in finalizing the $1.2 billion ‘New York City Watershed Agreement,’ which was covered by ‘New York Magazine’ under the title ‘The Kennedy Who Matters.’
●In the same year, Kennedy Jr. met the then Cuban President Fidel Castro to try and persuade him to defer his proposal of constructing a nuclear power plant. Throughout the late 90s, he played a prominent role in helping Mexican fishermen by halting Mitsubishi’s plan of building many facilities in Mexico that could have caused serious hindrance to the fishermen community. He even met the then Prime Minister of Japan Keizo Obuchi as part of his campaign against the Japanese company’s proposal.
●In 1999, Kennedy Jr. and his followers gathered in Southampton, Long Island to help create ‘Waterkeeper Alliance,’ which now runs 320 licensed programs across 38 countries. Kennedy Jr. is currently serving as the president of ‘Waterkeeper Alliance’ and oversees its fundraising programs among other things.
●In 2000, Kennedy Jr. joined hands with a lawyer named Kevin Madonna to come up with a law firm called ‘Kennedy & Madonna, LLP.’ The law firm represents private plaintiffs, who choose to act against polluters. The following year, Kennedy and Kevin Madonna formed a team of their own to act against the pollution caused from industrial poultry and pork production.
●Kennedy Jr. and his team also work towards improving the conditions and lifestyle of the poor and those belonging to minority communities. In fact, Kennedy’s first case dealt with a lawsuit, which was against the proposal of building a garbage transfer station in Ossining, New York, a neighborhood packed with minority groups.
●Over the years, Kennedy Jr. has been a major critic of the Army and the Navy. He and hundreds of Puerto Ricans were arrested for trespassing ‘Camp Garcia Vieques,’ a US Navy base. They were arrested for protesting against the usage of Island of Vieques for training purposes.
●Apart from filing many cases against the US Army and Navy, Kennedy also wrote an article accusing the federal government and the Department of Defense. In the article, which was published by ‘The Chicago Tribune’ in 2003, he had also claimed that the Pentagon had already contaminated more than 21,000 sites and that the army may have contaminated 40 million acres of land across the United States.
●In 2017, ‘Kennedy & Madonna, LLP’ was responsible in securing a $670 million settlement for more than 3,000 residents whose drinking water was polluted by a toxic chemical, which was released by a company named ‘DuPont.’
● Until 2017, he served as Senior Attorney for the Natural Resource Defense Council and Member and Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper. He was also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic. He is currently professor emeritus at Pace.
●Kennedy Jr. and his team continue to fight against factory farms, oil industries, mining practices, hydro projects, and nuclear power plant proposals among many other practices that cause serious damage to our environment
●In 2018, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 recognized two law firms for winning a $289 million jury verdict in Johnson v. Monsanto Co.. As co-counsel at one of the firms, Kennedy was also a member of the team
● In 2020, “Mr. Kennedy has been fighting for safer vaccines for years. A staunch consumer advocate that has never shied away from fights with corporations that put ‘profit over people’. Mr. Kennedy is working alongside our firm to represent victims who experienced vaccine-related injuries after receiving Gardasil” – Baum Hedlund.

In Popular Culture & Other Works:
●Thanks to Kennedy’s heroic acts and noble intention, many film-makers have come up with numerous films and documentaries based on Kennedy’s works. In 1998, a film-maker named Les Guthman directed a movie titled ‘The Hudson Riverkeepers,’ which focuses on Kennedy and his environmental works.
●In 2000, Guthman directed another movie titled ‘The Waterkeepers,’ which was similar to ‘The Hudson Riverkeepers.’ In 2008, Kennedy Jr. appeared in an IMAX documentary film titled ‘Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk.’ In the film, Kennedy Jr. appears along with his daughter and his anthropologist.
●In 2004, Kennedy Jr. appeared in another documentary film titled ‘Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable,’ which was directed by his sister and film-maker, Rory Kennedy.

Apart from writing numerous articles for various leading publications over a long career, he has also written, co-authored, or edited at least 19 books, including three children’s books. Two of his books have made it to the list of ‘New York Times best sellers. He also has many book contributions (at least 6) where he wrote a: Foreward, Intro, Afterward, or Essay.

●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2023, jun 20). The Wuhan Cover-Up, how US officials conspired with the Chinese Military to hide the origins of Covid 19. 408p
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2022, aug 2). A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals. Simon & Schuster. 72p
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr., Hooker, B. (2022). Vax-Unvax. Let the Science Speak.’
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2022). Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured, “A Lifetime Price to Pay”, Children’s Health Defense
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2021, nov 16). The Real Anthony Fauci:  Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.  Children’s Health Defense.  Simon and Schuster. 480p.
●Children’s Health Defense., Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2021, oct 19). Measles Book. Thirty-Five Secrets the Government and the Media Aren’t Telling You about Measles and the Measles Vaccine. Skyhorse Publishing, 240p
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr., Russell, D. (2020). Climate in Crisis: Who’s Causing It, Who’s Fighting It, and How We Can Reverse It Before It’s Too Late. 
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2018). American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr., Dachel, A. (2017, jan 24). Vaccine Villains. What the American Public Should Know about the Industry.
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2016). Framed: why Michael Skakel spent over a decade in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.
●Barry, K., Kennedy, R.F. Jr ., Haley, B.E.(2015, aug 20). Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC.  Skyhorse Publishing. 176p.
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2014). Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury–a Known Neurotoxin–from Vaccines. New York: Skyhorse Publishing.
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2009). The Enemy Within: The McClellan Committee’s Crusade Against Jimmy Hoffa and Corrupt Labor Unions, Da Capo Press.
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2005, jul 5). Crimes Against Nature. How George. W. Bush & his Corporate Pals are Plundering the Country & Hijacking our Democracy.  (New York Times bestselling book)
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (1998). The Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. : a biography.
Cronin, J., Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (1997). The riverkeepers : two activists fight to reclaim our environment as a basic human right. New York, NY. Scribner. 312p.  (New York Times bestselling book)

Childrens Books:
●Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2008). Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief. New York: Hyperion.
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2005). Saint Francis of Assisi : a life of joy.  New York : Hyperion Books for Children. 40p.
Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (1998). Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War.  New York : Hyperion Books for Children. 56p.

Awards & Achievements:
R.F. Kennedy Jr., and his groups have won many prestigious awards in his illustrious career so far. Not surprisingly, most of the awards won by him talks about his contribution towards cleaning up our environment.

2018, The National Trial Lawyers, Mass Tort Trial Team of the Year – for “groundbreaking case of Dewayne “Lee” Johnson v. Monsanto Company” Kennedy was co-counsel at one of the two law firms involved in the case.
2017, Earth Justice Mountain Heroes, ‘Moms Across America Healthy Communities Award,’  & Foro La Region Award for “La Proteccion de los Recursos Naturales
2014, Stroud Award of Freshwater Excellence
2009, Rolling Stone “100 Agents of Change”
2008, USC Dornsife Sustainability Champion Award & Theodre Gordon Flyfishers Conservation Award
2007, Vanity Fair “The Green Team”
2005, William O. Douglas Award, on behalf of the Waterkeeper Alliance  
2004, ‘Marshall P. Madison Award.’
2003, Professional Resource Award, NY State Council of Trout Unlimited  
2001, Distinguished Service Award presented at Pace Law School’s 25th Anniversary & Men’s Journal “Heroes” Award  
2000, 12th Annual Manhattan Award, Jacques Sartisky Peace Award, & New York State Champion of the Environment
1999, Time’s “Heroes of the Planet”
1998, William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award & ‘Water Watch Award’
1997, EPA Environmental Quality Award, Children’s books Select awards and recognition, The Brave 40 Award from NYC Department of Environmental Conservation, & the Thomas Berry Environmental Award, presented to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic
1995, Green Star Award presented by the Environmental Action Coalition
1991, Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Award

Personal Life:
●Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was born on January 17, 1954, in Washington, D.C., United States of America. He is the third-born child (of 11) of Ethel Skakel Kennedy and Robert Francis Kennedy. He spent his childhood at the famous ‘Hickory Hill’ in Virginia, along with his siblings.
●Though he was born into a family of famous politicians, Kennedy Jr. had a tough childhood as he had to witness the assassination of his uncle and that of his father at a very young age. While John F. Kennedy was murdered when Kennedy Jr. was just nine years old, his father Robert Francis Kennedy was killed when he was in his early teens.
●Young and disturbed, Kennedy Jr. took to the streets post his father’s death and was eventually arrested in Hyannis, Massachusetts for possessing marijuana.
● In his teens, and early twenties he dealt with a serious drug addiction of heroin for 14 years that he speaks openly about. He’s taken hundreds of people through recovery, and knows what works. He’s been clean since 28 years of age.
●Kennedy Jr. is a licensed falconer, who has been training hawks from a very young age. He is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and raptor propagator and has served as the president of ‘New York State Falconry Association.’ He is also an expert whitewater kayaker and has organized many white-water expeditions, including the ones to unexplored rivers, such as The Apurímac River.
● Kennedy Jr. has been filmed catching a rattlesnake with his bare hands, and he has a great sense of humor.
● Kennedy Jr. has been married to actress Cheryl Hines since 2016. He has two previous spouses, and 6 children.


“I hope you can recognize that his words, commitments, and a lifetime of direct actions do not line up with what society, and the media, has told you.  The ‘verifiable truth’ speaks volumes about his character, his intelligence, and his efforts for both the planet and all of its inhabitants.  Four decades of attacks, and propaganda against him have been orchestrated by those with an agenda:  to keep him silenced, to keep the truths hidden. Those who he fights against are: corrupt government agencies, and corporations who have merged together to maximize profits at the expense of our public health. They have deep pockets, and powerful connections that don’t want for you to hear him. Silencing him makes it easier for their deception to plague our government without oversight, or control.  It has worked for them for decades, until now.

Finally, Mr. Kennedy’s voice is being heard, and the people are listening in amazement and wonder.  
When you hear him speak on the topics, he sure doesn’t sound like the man they portrayed him to be. He’s a breath of fresh air in a world that’s been stagnant. Citizens from all walks of life, and political sides: democrats, republicans, independents, and unaffiliated are all coming together with a message, we won’t be lied to anymore!

At last, a true leader, one who unites us all as a people and stops the division.  With just hearing his sincere words of hope and truth, we are slowly taking off the blinders, questioning what we have been told and seeing the truth of what he’s and others have been saying all along.  

His ‘so called conspiracies theories’ that they have been labeling him with for decades, are backed up by enough evidence and discovery (from his lawyers perspective) to question and delve further into his concerns. He didn’t just pull these ideas out of a magical hat, and he isn’t the first one who has gone against the government’s agenda (past and current) and was silenced quickly and abruptly for what they call dissent. Many of us have seen the governments and corporation’s combined corruption and deceit long before Kennedy came into the picture. He’s the first politician in history (that I can recall) that recognizes their collusion out loud, and knows you can’t keep slapping band-aids on a broken system. You must get to the root of the problem and fix it from within. Every single branch of government has been affected. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this, and has been longing for the day when someone with courage, integrity, & honesty was willing to step up and repair the broken system. And with full transparency as a government should be! No more secrecy and back door meeting with lobbyists, and corrupt politicians whose revolving door has made them rich, but sickened America.

He isn’t the crazed lunatic he’s been made out to be. He’s a religious, and passionate man who cares deeply, makes mistakes, sometimes says the wrong or insensitive things, repents, and isn’t perfect; he’s human after all. But he will tell you the truth of what he has learned from his research and experience. His viewpoint isn’t set in stone, it moves and sways according to the evidence he’s been presented with and considered. And when that changes, so will his positions.

As Maya Angelou once said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”  
This is why Robert Kennedy Jr has my vote – Jennifer Robin


 Family in support:

Cheryl Hines  – wife
In attendance at presidential bid on Kennedy, R.F. Jr. (2023, apr 19):
“I also want to thank all my family members who showed up today, my children: Bobby, Kick, Amaryllis, Conor, Kyra, Finbar, Aidan, and Kat. My grandchildren: Zoey, Cassius, Bobcat and my brother Douglas, my sister Courtney, my nephew Bo, and Billy Birdsall and Riley and George and Anthony Shriver, and Aaron.” (Total 20)
Celebrities in support:

Cheryl Hines : link
Woody Harrelson :  –  link
Joe Rogan: @ 0:20-4:58 ✔✔✔ (opening statement as a once opponent to now supporter)
Eric Clapton:  link
Ice Cube : link  IMGlink Rob Schneider : link  Alicia Silverstone : link
Aaron Rodgers (quarterback): link link  link link Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder) : link  link
Bill Ackmam (hedge-fund manager): link
Elon Musk: link David Sacks (Venture Capitalist/podcast) : link link  Chamath Palihapitiya (Tech Leader/podcast): link link  Omeed Malik (Wall Street veteran) : link
Dr. Christine Northrup (world renowned Physician and author)  link Dr. Robert Malone (Biochemist Pioneer of mRNA technology) link
Cathy Heller (writer/podcaster): link

Other Party Support:
American Values 24 (Republican super PAC) link  

I see Democrats, Republicans, and Independents embracing him. That’s what true leadership does!

UNITY for America! End the division that keeps us fighting each other, instead of fighting the real enemy: the ones that oppress us, that censor us, that surveil us, that poison us!

Democratic National Committee corruption


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WIKI. (2023). Missouri v. Biden.   Historic case on censorship in White House.

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