The first few years

  were peachy keen

Not one complaint from me.

A beautiful relationship

  as everyone could see

[We] were inseparable….

  the best of friends

   attached at the hip it seemed

And everywhere I went,

  you went

Just like my old blue jeans

So many words were spoken

All of my secrets known to you

You were there when I was happy

And again,

  when I was feeling blue

Then out of nowhere,

  and with no explanation,

   [you] changed

And my perfect little world collapsed

 and I became deranged

Throw the phone into the wall,

 complete loss of all control

You [try] to justify your deceit to me

Let [me] tell you what….

      that’s BULL

With just the mention of your name

My friends say I mentally switch

What was once a peaceful, quiet girl

Turns into a screaming, violent bitch

Its madness,

     dealing with your evil ways

‘Can you hear me now’…

          screamed ten thousand times

 Damn……what a fucking cliche!

Playing your annoying [password] games

  five times in a half an hour

Let [me] tell you what that does

  It makes my mouth taste sour

Are you trying for me to not see

what I already know to be truth?

I didn’t go over my minutes

 You just once again

      overcharged your fees

Are you trying to frustrate me

  more than I already am?


That would be impossible to do

I’m hip to your God-damn scam!

Here’s a two year contract,

  resign and your worries will be no more

 Then we’ll hit the little button that says

         system restore…..

                        as before!

And who will pay the ultimate price

  when my sanity slips away

To you, I’m just a number

  you get a thousand complaints a day

Who the hell do you think you are?

Do you think your something special?

Dropped calls and

            faulty reception,

You must be….the one and only,


Master of complete deception

Resign with you, I don’t have to think twice

That day will never happen!

    So Kiss my ass Verizon

I’m going back to SWEET and NICE

™ © Jennifer Robin Gallery

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