My recent dilemma dealing with possible image theft.

 I’ve recently created a new blog site using Word Press.   The current ‘blog’ I had started out with last week with my newly self-created website that I absolutely LOVE, had one better blog feature: protecting images from theft.   This is a very important feature for photographers, and one I’m not willing to give up lightly.  But the site was lacking in ease to line up images perfectly, so out of curiosity I built the WP blog.    I really like the WP block feature.  In truth, I didn’t even know what my site blog was lacking or its strengths until I was playing with WP. I’m sure both have more capabilities, but I’m still at the learning stages and have only spent 4 days working towards blogging and design. So I basically created two blog websites, and figured with more time I would be able to figure out what I was doing and how to fix the issues within each. 

website blog
word press blog

WP safety issue is a serious flaw, but I’m sure that is part of their intentional design! How hard would it be to disable right click on images?  Now that I have a decent blog page designed with them, and I’ve done more research on what it takes to protect your images on WP, I found and it’s a simple solution: a  $300 business plan. That’s right….  If you want safety for the images connected to your free blog, they extort you in order to attach a free plug-in that will fix that problem. I didn’t have an issue with paying something, as I do have a free blog with them, but I was thinking their $4 monthly personal plan would be acceptable for that plug-in access. Not 300 a year for a website that really has minimal features and ability.   While I did find that you can link the largest images back to a website url, not all my images are uploaded on line. When using their block galleries and specialty groups blocks, that link feature doesn’t work. Can’t say I want all photos to be large, that would be a boring layout. But it is a consideration. After all… it is a free site.

So now I’m at a crossroads.   Who do I use to host the blog for the future of my company? While I love WP block building… that’s all I really love.  I really hated almost every part of building that page and the overall setup, and confusion trying to change features.  So do I keep my blog with them for ease, unprotected… or do I stay with my current blog with my website that protects me as long as I don’t have RSS link connected and gives me a proper blog name  Seeing as they allow me to code (though I’ll have to learn how) there is a possibility I can do more than I know at this time. I’ll keep looking when I get some spare time.

Where I stand: it’s looking like I may end up staying with the great website and a decent blog, as opposed to a crappy website with a great blog. Seeing as I don’t intend to blog often, my current website image safety features is likely going to decide this one. And the ability to have everything in one place is a factor too. Did I say I really love the WP building block easy layout!

This is something that will matter in moving forward, as to not protect my images is just not feasible in my business. The pictures are the essence and the very reason to blog in attempt an to market them.  Perhaps I will find the way to go around this.

I guess time will tell. Any suggestion with those who have knowledge would be welcomed.

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