Just a young girl, I was probably six,

 playing in the school yards’ grass.

Singing ‘Ring Around the Rosey’,

  with all my friends from class.

We were laughing and screaming,

 when the music did stop.

And as the last words were spoken,

 on an ant pile I did plop.

They rushed me to the restroom,

 and said for me to undress.

Their best attempt to rid my clothes,

 of the little red biting pest.

I gave my clothes to the teacher

on the other side of the door

the whole class saw my hand poke out

and they just laughed at me some more

I felt totally exposed

Wearing nothing but my skin

I could still hear them laughing

Much to my chagrin

In a tiny little room,

 just big enough for one,

 the tears rolled down my cheeks,

 as the kids were making fun.

™ © Jennifer Robin Gallery

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