PHOTO OF THE DAY – where death occurred


The waterfowl hunting waters where death occurred at Ladd S Gordon Waterfowl ComplexBernardo WMA Unit in Bosque, NM.

The wind was blowing heavily as I wandered the area. The hunt was over, the murderers long gone now. All that remained were bloody feathers and shotgun shells scattered nearby on the water’s edge. A few remaining ducks float on top of the murky waters, this is their daily feeding grounds, where else would they go?

Most of the ducks flew off as the shotgun blasts echoed across the valley. They escaped, the lucky ones. They’ll be back. In spite of the brutal massacre that just occurred here, life continues on for the birds of Bernardo. Those that survived the nightmare today will relive it over again tomorrow. This is what occurs every day for these innocent creatures. This is the killing season!

Which of their friends and family members will die tomorrow? Or maybe it will be them.

In nature photography, the picture isn’t always peaceful and serene like the one above. Nature can be as ugly, as she is beautiful. Perspective is everything!

It's too quiet around here. Your words matter!

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