With winter upon us, and thinking you’ve done all you need to do to prepare living in the mountains, you still find yourself unprepared. When the rain changed to snow with no warning while you slept, and you didn’t get your vehicle down the mountain before it happened and you find yourself snowed in… until it melts.

When you had your faucets opened to keep your water pipes from freezing, but upon awakening in the morning, you find there is no water…. until it melts.

When you forgot to turn off your water heater as soon as you realized your pipes were froze, and now await the news that you may have burned out the elements. I won’t find out… until it melts.

We aren’t used to get prolonged temperatures in the teens for days. But it happened. Now we wait for it to start melting today, for as many days as it takes to assess the damage. I have some supplies on hand to fix them, but if its worse than than that… the road may take longer. Once… it two two months before I could safely drive the car up all the way up. That would be a lot of missed work. Lets hope that doesn’t happen.

And yet, even though there is many obstacles ahead, I am grateful we haven’t lost power, and if we did, still have means to keep warm.

Lesson of the day: Count your blessings



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