So this morning started out the same as every other. The house was still quiet (a rarity in a house full of rescues), I made my coffee, and started the typical routine of getting my eyes opened with some perusing of social media before I start my gallery work.

It’s always wonderful to wake up to an image chosen for #EXPLORED on the social media site ‘FLICKR’. If you aren’t aware what that means… it means lots of exposure!

I’ve only been on Flickr for 13 months, and have been chosen 7 times. Each time gives me the feeling of joy. Thousands of strangers take the time to view, like, and comment on your images. I’m not gonna lie. It feels great to have recognition for all the years of effort to hone your craft, while thinking…. maybe this will be that ‘time I get noticed’ and things will move into an entirely different direction. A direction I’ve been heading towards with each new light of day for the last 20 years.

As the day went on, the numbers kept growing. Don’t get me wrong…. I love this shot. I know I nailed it! But I certainly didn’t expect to be shown such love from so many. And while my very first explored image had a whopping 17,906 views, 240 faves, and 9 comments….. TODAY’S, in just 15 hours or so has 11,970 views, 933 faves, 88 comments, and more than 20 new followers.

This is a ‘FANTASTIC’ honor!


I am blown away with this exposure received today. So I just want to thank each and everyone of you who took the time to make this ‘Photo of the Day’ so special!

I appreciate you all!

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