In an effort to help the WILD HORSES AND BURROS from brutal helicopters roundups, I’m building and documenting important information regarding wild horse habitat areas assigned to them in the 1971 WFRHBA act. This attempt to ‘clearly’ show the extreme conflicts federally protected wild horses and burros face from extremely unbalanced land usage with heavy infiltration of livestock and energy/mining in their ‘designated areas’. Though the areas are consider multiple use, it is clear that their sworn protectors (DOI/secretary of interior/BLM) have another agenda! As I was creating a useable word doc of compiled state energy leases on public lands in multiple states to attach the documents (EA, FONSI, Decision records) easily to the ‘Fight for Freedom’ data base project, I came across an unexpected group of fighters that can benefit the wild horses indirectly.                      

This group of alliances (see list below) is fighting the dirty energy development and exploitation of our public lands.

Why this matters?  Wild horse advocates aren’t just in battle with the livestock industry, and corrupt BLM management. Many of these mining operations (tar sands, minerals) are on wild horse herd areas as well, and a part of the reason they are being rounded up, and often end up in cramped corrals, and even the slaughter line.

Check out this letter the Center of Diversity’s lawyer, Michael A. Saul, sent to government officials based off of the alliances factual comments in the scoping EA’s of each state listed. I noticed one energy lease has been postponed… not sure it it’s related to their effort or not, but glad to see it and I’m hopeful more will follow. There’s a lot of legal citing here to keep on record.

When the ones that were assigned your protector, are also the ones selling you out to highest bidder… It’s a struggle just to survive in wild horse and burro country… and many won’t make it out alive!

THANK YOU: to those that spoke out against the destruction of the earth’s core… Center for Biological Diversity (“the Center”), Western Environmental Law Center, Earthjustice, Food and Water Watch, Friends of the Earth, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Montana Environmental Information Center, Sierra Club, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Waterkeeper Alliance, Western Watersheds Project, WildEarth Guardians, and the Wilderness Society

WYOMING – for sale Wild horses, wildlife, and the environment pay the price!

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