BOSQUE DEL APACHE – NEW MEXICO – photographic journal – 4 of 5


Today is my last day here at Bosque. This has been everything I had anticipated, even more so. I have just one sunrise left here… so I head to the flight deck. I hope it is a good one!

It seems I have saved the best sunrise for last. I can’t recall ever seeing one so dynamic! It really takes your breath away to be a part of so much beauty. How do you even put it into words? I’m glad I don’t have too. I’ll let the pictures say what I cannot.

As the daylight arrives, and I am am heading out of the park… I stop where the injured goose was. He is still there, alone, and still alive. I’m really surprised, and even more bothered that it continues to struggle. Though I reported it to staff the day before, I guess they take the natural approach. With so many predators here… it’s just a matter of time. My heart aches for this beautiful bird.

As I finish writing this post over a year later, this goose has crossed my mind more times than I can count since that day. To not be able to do anything, as one can’t always interfere with the natural process of things… I have lots of regrets still, that I didn’t help somehow. Though I am not a hunter, I have mercy killed many animals over the years. In life there will be plenty of moments you wish you could do over. This was one of them.

I stop at the south pond on my way out, and spend a few hours more with my new photography friends and the cranes. When it was time to get on the road, there was a part of me that didn’t want to leave. But I still have more to do on this adventure, and though this was truly spectacular… I’m sure the other places will be too.

Stay tuned for a continuation of day 14 in the final: New Mexico – journal #5

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