Picture tells a story:

This image was taken on film in mid 1990’s and was one of the first photographs I ever took that literally ‘ignited’ my passion for photography.

It was an intentional fire of an abandoned house set by the Malabar Fire Department. It was used as a training exercise for teaching new cadets to fight fires and get firsthand experience.

The cadets who were inspired to take on such a dangerous role to protect and serve the public took to the challenge with bravery and courage.

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You run towards danger, while others run away.  
You don’t stop when you tire, you stop when you’re done.  
You never go on strike, and you’re always on call.
You sacrifice yourself, to save everyone else.  
You are the true definition of courage and bravery.  
You are the unsung hero  

You are a FIREFIGHTER.  
It’s not something you do, it’s something you are! 


International Firefighters’ Day (IFFD) is observed on May 4. It was established after a proposal by Australian firefighter, JJ Edmondson, was made on January 4, 1999, following the deaths of five firefighters fighting a bushfire in Australia on 2 December, 1998. – WIKI

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