Website perfection?

The creation of my website has been quite a journey this month. Not only did I build one, but two sites. Liking some features, and not others, I decided to try another builder website. Finally settling with this one as the favorite for ease and overall ability. It will carry the future of my photography business. While I change it up a little every morning to complete the internal vision I see, I’m finally happy with the new layout, and think it has turned out nicely. Do you agree? Take a look at it from the homepage view and tell me what you think.

I would love to hear from you: comments, ideas, suggestion are always welcomed. After all… I built this for your viewing pleasure.

Now that the outside has been completed, it’s time to start focusing on the inside. Creating more photographic journals, poetry, and get back to creating art from my extensive travels. Be sure to explore my personal journey maps, one of my favorite website features. Where would you like to go? I’ve already mapped it out for you.

It's too quiet around here. Your words matter!

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