POLITICS… and not taking sides

With American politics in full swing, I think it is fair that we show the same mutual respect to each other through this time. So I digitally created the signs for both the republicans, and the democrats contenders so they could proudly support their politician for President in 2020.

Get your BIDEN memorabilia here!

As we are in a pandemic, what better way than to promote your respected politician than by wearing a mask with their election sign for support as you head to town. We have two different designs for both teams.

Get your Trump memorabilia here!

If face masks don’t excite you and you would rather follow in President Trump’s footsteps and not wear them as that is your American right, we have spiral notebooks, coffee mugs, and even fleece blankets with your presidential logo that are perfect to enjoy while you work from home.

This is just a small assortment of products we carry. We have plenty to choose from. See the image below. They make great gifts too!

DONATE to a great cause

10% of all proceeds of sales will be donated to the candidate that plans to Make America Great Again. #MAGA

That’s my promise to you. Hurry and get your election memorabilia today!

Supplies are limited and election day, on NOV 5, is just around the corner!

Best of luck to the contenders, and may the best man win!

It's too quiet around here. Your words matter!

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