Is it Macafee or McAfee?




PAY ATTENTION to details!

Don’t open email attachments from people you don’t know! Don’t get fooled by Phishing scams!

Lesson of the Day:

Yesterday I got a suspicious email. I knew it was a fraud for a few reasons.

First: I didn’t order anything, and only a few specific businesses have my credit card on file, I never allow auto renewal.

Second: The email went in bulk to a hundred other recipients. A real business would never send an invoice email this way, nor would they allow you to see other’ email addresses. Interesting is that all of the other recipients were all GMAIL accounts. 

Third: Though I DID NOT open the attachment, I did screen shot it and blow it up to see whom it was ‘supposedly’ from (Macafee). Fools… McAfee is spelled this way.

Fourth:  They clearly can’t count either…. This is really comical!  Seriously, ha ha ha!

Fifth:  Did they think putting ‘scanned by Google’ would make us feel safer?

Interesting that they have a local area code to my region. 1-828-398-4636.
Maybe I will call it later and do some investigating. 
Their email: (keyte68)

What I did do: was send a BCC reply to all the other recipients (and not the sender), and let them know not to open the PDF file, and to report the message as a SPAM. I reported it as a Phishing Scam.

We all have to do our part to get these people caught, and at least outed.

Remember, BE AWARE and never open a document where you don’t know, or trust the sender.

Likely the PDF was not corrupt with a virus, but when you call them to refute the charge, they will ask you for your credit card number to ‘remove the charges.’ Don’t fall for it.

Never give personal info to anyone who asks!

Stay safe, and remember… SCAMMERS are everywhere. While you may be wise to it, another will be gullible and will get scammed.

So do everyone a favor, and…

Always REPORT suspicious activity!

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