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JC OURADA is a man, and a business ran with his wife Amy. They operate two wild horse facilities EWING (2003-current)  (they’ve owned the property prior to 2004?) and ELM CREEK that leases the facility lands (2009-current). They also own OURADA TRUCK LINE INC – trucking company that transported wild horses (2003-12), shown on section below, OURADA TRUCK BROKERS – where other trucks could run under him without him contracting directly, and OURADA TRUCK WASH.

There has been mentions in FOIAs of ‘Government Bills of Ladings’ (which is another type of contract not listed publicly) after the date he stopped having physical transport contracts.  Unclear if they are still contracting for transportation under this way, or under another name.  Under these contracts he had missing horses from the time he picked them up at ELM CREEK facility (which he operated) to the time he delivered them to destination at Piney Woods facility. Where did the horses go?  See notes below: 2017 White paper BLM in Ourada Truck Line.

He has recieved two COVID PPP payments. One ($285,000) noted in Ourada truck line below, and a 2021  COVID – 7487248300  JOHN C OURADA  / (1/28/2021) /  $22,792 / covid relief, though it doesn’t state which business this goes with.

Elm Creek Wild Horse and Burro Corrals     #ELM CREEK

Founded: 1993
Operator:   BLM Short term Facility /  JC OURADA  first facility contract states 2009
Property Manager::  Joe Stratton  (1998 ?-current) employee of BLM
Email: jstratto@blm.gov    
Owner/Lease from:  WILD HORSE RANCH LLC / Scoville Family since 1993-2014
Address: 5050 100th Road  Elm Creek, NE 68836   Buffalo County (parcel  0500154000)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 160 Elm Creek, NE 68836
Description: Elm Creek has 9 big dirt pens of 43 acres, No shelter but with wind breaks and 12 loading pens.
Telephone: 308-856-4498
Acre: 43.360
Max Cap 500
Public View:  ?  y / call appt – temporary closed to public

For ‘full complete contract lists’ located from all of their businesses and future updates click here.

No LEASE contracts located after 2014 by owners of property, Wild Horse Ranch, in government records. They still own it according to state records. (parcel  0500154000)

This Elm Creek facility location is mentioned in many EWING facility IDC contracts.  Does JC OURADA rent the land from Wild horse Ranch directly now?

Is BLM still directly overseeing it with full staff of employees (long time manager Joe Stratton stated in 2005 they had four federal employees)? Or has JC OURADA taken over management as contracts seem to state?

NO wild horse facility ‘full’ operating contracts located during these years: 2010-2015EWING’ or 2010-2016 ‘ELM CREEK’. (besides one 6 month contract for elm creek in 2012 INL12PX00924).
As Elm creek facility is leased, who operated it during these years?

PINEY WOODS, MS  #L10AC20002 took over for the EWING facility between 2010-15 as noted Mar 25 10  Feds moving wild horses program out of Region. It shows on all of Ourada ‘Ewings’ 4 properties (noted below) that the ownership was originally under John’s name, and was switched to Amy in 2008-9. 

It is also noted no facility leases or transportation contracts located for Elm Creek 2014-CURRENT: though  hay, vet, atv, and consultant contracts continued with no lapse (see contracts here). So the facility was still operating but by who, BLM, or another contractor?

What occurred to make BLM not renew the Ourada contracts for ‘both facilities’ in 2010, and caused Amy to take over the ownership of their properties at the EWING facility Location?

What am I missing?



Founded:  2003 – Short Term Holding Facility
Owner: Private / Was John C Ourada (2004-08) & transfered to Amy A Ourada  (2008-current) (not sure when they became owner prior to 2004)
Property Manager: Andrew Lanham / relative of Ourada  
          manager ?-2018 Marty Neugebauer  manager Walt Gentry 2003-2010
Address: 22295 Sheep Farm Road Ewing, IL 62836  / PO BOX 403 ELM CREEK, NE, 68836 – Franklin county  (also borders Bobtail Rd)
Phone: 800-293-1781
Acre: 55 – corrals & pasture area for wild horses / parcel 0415200001 160 acre / 0410400002 120 acre
Max Cap:  300  /  average population of 250  animals year-round
Public View:  APPT  


  for ELM CREEK & EWING    

Here are current ‘active’ Ourada contracts below. For ‘full complete contract lists’ located from both facilities, all of their businesses and future updates on OURADA click EWING, and for notes and other contractors (hay, vets, etc) specific to ELM CREEK.

2021-2026  NE ELM CREEK BUFFALO / 140L0121P0004 -1  / 5yr (06/14/2021-06/13/2026) / OPEN / IDIQ – $91,200.00  / Hoof Trimming Services / 2 / sol 140L0121Q0003 / looks like a 5 yr contract – 15, 000 yearly

2020-2025 IL EWING FRANKLIN / 140L0620D0017 -1 / (10/01/2020-09/30/2025) / OPEN / IDIQ $3,534,444.00  / Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract for off-range corral short-term holding facility in Ewing IL / Sol 140L0120R0007/ 1

2020-2021  NE ELM CREEK BUFFALO / 140L0620F0379 -1 / (10/01/2020-09/30/2021) / OPEN / $678,900.00 / Task Order for period October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021 for short term off-range corral in Ewing IL / 1

2021-2022  IL EWING FRANKLIN / 140L0121F0049 -0 / (10/01/2021-09/30/2022) / OPEN /  $550,000.00  / To fund for the continued services for the Wild Horse & Burro program during the Period of Performance:  October 01, 2021 to September 30, 2022 /


duns 092000785 / sam  NC2CZJNNHA17 / cage 3E5Y0   

Owners: John C Ourada   
Floralee M Ourada 635 N Todd St  Elm Creek, NE 68836 state business records
Founded: in 1958 USDOT number is 68089 by Richard F Ourada (husband of Floralee)
Address: 560 W Clark Ave  Elm Creek, NE 68836 aka 3370 S HWY 183 ELM CREEK, NE 68836
Phone: (308) 856-4420

The JC OURADA property 0500261000  is officially located at 560 W. Clark Ave and owned by  OURADA, FLORALEE M TRUSTEE (his mother). This is this location where JC Ourada, Ourada Trucking Line, Ourada Truck Broker, and Ourada Truck Wash operate out of.  Noted on government forms, they use fraudulent addresses.  They use 3370 S HWY 183 ELM CREEK, NE 68836  (while technically it is the same location as the official 560 W. Clark Ave as they do border Hwy 183, it is not an official mailing address and maps won’t locate it). Also noted on google maps,  and OuradaTruck Broker state records, they listed themselves at 510 W Clark Ave, Elm Creek, NE 68836, but this is an unrelated neighbors address parcel 480333804 (they don’t own this property, though may have in 2003 when registering, but not since at least 2017) (shown in image below).


2020  COVID4517317005  OURADA TRUCK LINE, INC / (4/7/2020) /  $285,000 / covid relief 

Interesting is they made almost as much in Covid PPP relief than they made in the 9 years of actually transporting wild horses. It is not clear how many employees this covers.

2003-2012 Total transport contract awards – (see contracts) Ourada Truck Line = $312,421.48

NO ‘OURADA’ government contracts located in 2013 at all – from any businesses

It is shows in FOIA investigations that they were still transporting in 2012-13 but no ‘public contracts’ could be located. (see below)

2017  WHITE PAPER BLM – Problems Related to Holding Facilities – WHFF – pg 28
2. Exhibit 5: includes Government Bill of Lading # H-529568, which shows that Ourada Truck Line Inc. was paid to haul 35 horses from BLM’s facility in ELM CREEK, Nebraska, to the BLM facility in Piney Woods, Mississippi, with a delivery date of November 18, 2013. However, documents obtained by WHFF show that only seven – not 35 – horses arrived at the Piney Woods facility on November 18 (and the next shipment was not until December).
3. Exhibit 6: Government Bill of Lading D-4108131 shows that Ourada Truck Line, Inc. was paid to haul one truck of approximately 32 horses from BLM’s ELM CREEK, Nebraska facility to BLM’s Piney Woods, Mississippi facility, and that horses were picked up on Dec. 19, 2012, and delivered on December 21, 2012. But on December 21, Piney Woods only received nine – not 32 – horses.

Government bill of ladings definition -These ‘contract type invoices’ are not a matter of accessible public record. FOIA’s (Freedom of Information Act) are required to get this information.

Regular wild horse transportation route from BURNS, OR to ELM CREEK, NE and EWING, IL WHB facilities
For ‘full complete contract lists’ located from all of OURADA businesses and future updates click here.

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As always, if you have any information on OURADA, ELM CREEK, or EWING: lawsuits, FOIA’s, or other important info you would like to add to this WHB community data project, contact us.

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