They said Jack sprat could eat no fat

his wife could eat not lean

Let me tell you about myself

I’m somewhere in between

My favorite part of a juicy steak

is the grizzle on the edge

How difficult it is to stop myself

and make the vegetarian pledge

Everyday starts off the same

I give it all I’ve got

But by the end of the day

a vegetarian I am not

“I will not eat meat today”

no innocent animals shall die

And as I fail again and again

I take a very deep sorrowful sigh

So I say ‘tommorrow’

I will try again            

To be the person I want to be

Not just the one who writes it in pen

How can this be so damn hard

Try and try as I might

The effort I make each day

to not take that fleshy bite

The hardest part has got to be

Giving up the flavor

Every artery clogging meaty bite

I do completely savor

I know I can survive

on vegetables alone         

I guess that very thought

makes my tastebuds groan   

Never have I ever failed

at what I attempt to do

But on my tenth year of failure

my heart is heavy and blue

I will not give up

A quitter I am not           

a tougher battle though

I have never fought

Every creature on this planet

should have a right to live             

safe from the harm and torture

that our cruel humans species give 

One day it ‘will’ happen

when I finally make the switch

then I will no longer be considered

a heartless,


      murdering *itch


Image and poetry: by Jennifer Robin

Full website and blog   –   www.jenniferrobin.gallery

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