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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I was great to meet you in South Carolina last week at the Kennedy rally in Columbia. I sat down this morning to take a look at what you’d compiled here. Bravo for you. It helps to have a place aside from the website where people can easily access information. I plan on sharing it with others.

    Ginger Pinson

    1. Hey Ginger, It was nice to meet you too. Thanks for checking out my effort in support of our candidate.

      I also have a page on secret service here:

      I have tons more info not listed here and access to articles he wrote decades ago, so if you need something specific, let me know…

      and thanks for the book recommendation:

      Russel, Dick. (2023). The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior.

      I plan on adding it to my reading list. See you at the next rally, 🙂

  2. Yes…….words from experience….experience that helps mold who you are….the impact that only happens from the journey. Very great article

  3. Rock Springs city councilman in WY has been quoted to say, “THIS IS NOT HERD MANAGEMENT THIS IS MUSTANG ERADICATION.”
    Colorado governor has spoken up against the round ups. 
    I write to inform the public of what the government is doing on our free public range lands out west, and with our wild horses and burros. They have traditionally, and historically been at home on these lands, and became our nations symbol of being brave and free. They are our beautiful, iconic horses treasured by most everyone in this country. They brought us across the nation, fought with us in our wars, they were our transportation for centuries, and our obedient work horses put to many tasks. They have been our friends, and companions, and provided us with much recreation, entertainment, and sport. Yet in 2018 our Congress agreed to demote them to the status of livestock, which puts them on par with the cattle, sheep, and chickens. That assessment is an insult to man and beast alike. Our brave and free status does not apply to livestock, so their status must be reinstated. But there is much more to know.

    If the current appropriations bill is passed Congress will pay $162,093,000.00 to “manage” our wild equine, all for the sake of big industries wanting their land. How much does big industry pay for this? Nothing? But they can raise their cattle on public lands for 1.35 per head or cow calf couple PER MONTH. Fair to anyone? I think not! Why must we pay to decimate our wild equine herds, and ruin our public lands, to placate private industry? Answers anyone?
    BLM incentive money program is flawed. It holds no one accountable for mustangs & burros that end up on the slaughter pipeline after the BLM monies are received.
    One last thing

    1. Well this OMB is specifically targeting the gathering of WHB records and info for AIP. They claim it is a burden to do so, so they want to ‘not have to’ do so. That way no records of transfers, sales, or adoptions by repeat offenders who don’t follow the law as it is now. No records, no stopping them, no way to prosecute = a direct line right into the slaughter pipeline. At least that’s the way I read it.

      We need more voices…. if this passes, it will be disastrous for the WHB. It will be a one way ticket by passing any current protocol protections.

  4. Am sure that you are well aware of the determination that the wild equine advocacy has for being the voice of our wild horses. Am not one of those advocates who have been watching and naming new foals. If I were meeting these beautiful equines the way they do, it would be even more painful to see the disregard and disrespect shown to this native species. DNA has proven that E Callabus was here during the Pleistocene. These horses deserve to be treated as a native species . Letting these amazing iconic horses die out due to false narratives is overwhelming sad. Please . We are lucky that some of them are safe in great sanctuaries. Read that the Douglas herd had a safe place to go and they were rounding up and sent a place where 145 died in their holding and some died during the helicopter roundup. They always
    do and are marked casualty. It happened because it happens. How sad. How are we supposed to have any trust in your operations ? We do not have any trust in your operations. Am sure some employees may agree with the antiquated system that has been used by the bureau of land management. It is a pretty well known dysfunctional bureau. Can’t there be some rectification finally. There is no time like the present.

    1. Bonita, I’m not one of those ‘sit on the sidelines’ advocates either, and the only horses names I know of is Old Man of Onaqui (as that is the herd I first ever had the pleasure of seeing in person), and of course Picasso as he was super famous. But I understand that those names give them individuality and life, and they need to be acknowledged as such.

      It’s currently too easy to be lumped into trailer loads of anonymous horses heading to slaughter. Their names help keep people connected, and needs to be continued. Until we get a government that will stop the corruption from within the White House, nothing will change! The fight goes on!

  5. Stop removing horses from taxpayer land. You are just doing this so ranchers can use the land! You get paid by taxpayers…not ranchers/mining. Keep track of horses getting adopted…you took them from their home, you are responsible for their wellbeing!

  6. I can’t believe how terrible this vet was, how callous and for once I use the word, “evil”. I never use that word, but it fits.

    I agree she must have some kind of illness – or does she? Is this just an attitude she has?
    Vets suffer a lot of stress but if that was the case, she needed to seek out help. What she did was unconscionable

    Is there any follow up yet?

    1. I checked, I think the trial is in december. But it isn’t just her, they (the university) knew as has been shown in the hearings.
      “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those that watch them without doing anything” – Albert Einstein

      1. Will it be recorded. I remember they had it for march but going back they never gave an update. So I have no idea when the next hearing

      2. Jason, I don’t know if it will be recorded for certain. The owner of another horse killed there (Dazzle), follows this case closely and posts any updates relating to this current case. You might want to follow her facebook page as to not miss anything. Link is in this article.

  7. She is a sick person. VEry poor judgement and possibly a psychopath. Why did she make the decision to do what she did that day to the horse. Not appropriate ever. And clearly abusive. Poor horses last hours were being tortured. Maybe they forgot to do the proper post surgery treatment and then panicked. Idk, but this turns my stomach and my blood boils. Jail for life. She will do this again. She has a mental illness of some sort and should never be given the privalage of caring for animals again. Nor humans. She is sick.

  8. It is absolutely heartbreaking wow those cattlemen and oilmen and the BLM are trying to exterminate our beloved wild horses and burros

  9. We used to talk about having this kind of reference. No small task to create this. Thank you. I hope you have not shied away from the controversial subjects that are before us right now. These are pivotal times for our Native horses and they need to be recognized as such and celebrated.

    1. Nope…. I don’t run from controversy. I show multiple viewpoints in my research. One can’t be objective if we only see things from a one sided perspective.

  10. Now if OPEN AI could give proper credit and be utilized the distribution of resources might affect change. And your years long work in all aspects of WILD HORSE and RANGE HEALTH might lead to the necessary scaling and congressional prepositions.

  11. Jennifer, what a blessing this is and you are. God be with you every day of your life sweet girl. ♥️

  12. What a great source of information ,records , resources for advocates to gain insight and gain the knowledge to pursue the fight to save OUR Wild Horses.  An impressive dedication.  Awesome job Jennifer , I won’t be running out of stuff to read for sure, Thank you so much WE will never give up the fight to SAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL WILD HORSES~ FREEDOM FOR EVER

  13. What a great source of information ,records , resources for advocates to gain insight and gain the knowledge to pursue the fight to save OUR Wild Horses.  An impressive dedication.  Awesome job Jennifer , I won’t be running out of stuff to read for sure, Thank you so much WE will never give up the fight to SAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL WILD HORSES~ FREEDOM FOR EVER

  14. This is a wonderful and badly-needed resource! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in creating a single unified source we can all use!

  15. I am honored to be on your list of receivers of your amazing work. So grateful for your dedication and tireless work for our precious wild ones. This will be shared so that others can learn how valued and wonderful our horses are, how critical their futures are and how all your accumulated knowledge can be used to preserve and protect that future. Thank you.

  16. Absolutely wonderful work Jennifer. Your dedication to this is incredible! Thank you so much and I look forward to reading this and learning as much as possible from it.

  17. Lying, greedy BLM WILD HORSE AND BURRO KILLERS! DEfund the BLM!! Now, before your wild animals are ALL gone!

  18. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for all that you do and provide for advocates! I was asked the question, “How did the BLM come up with the AML numbers for the herd management areas for mustangs & burros?” Is there a formula that the BLM uses? I’ve heard, & have referred to that number as being arbitrary. Thank you! Diane

      1. Diane, I came up with a couple of items for you to review. I haven’t went over them in full detail.

        Gleghorn, A. (2007). Unbridled Power and the Wild Horses and Burros Act. Fund for Animals, Inc. v. U.S. Bureau of Land Management, 15 Mo. Envtl. L. & Pol’y Rev. 151
        (There is no set formula for calculating an appropriate management level, because each Bureau office has “significant discretion to determine their own methods of computing [appropriate management level] for the herds they manage.” The discretion in determination among local offices ranges from finding a level that reflects “the midpoint of a sustainable range” or as a “single number

        GAO-09-77. (2008). Effective Long-Term Options Needed to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses. Bureau Of Land Mangagement. U.S. Government Accountability Office, Washington, D.C., USA. 88p.
        BLM has set arbitrarily low appropriate management levels (AMLs) for wild horses. The 2008 GAO report found that BLM lacked a uniform procedure for determining AMLs

        Fund For Animals. (2006). Fund For Animals, Inc. v. U.S. Bureau of Land Mgmt., 460 F.3d 13 (D.C. Cir. 2006)

    1. My guess, your guess, is a good as their ‘guess.’ I guess, lol.

      I attempted to locate something more detailed and haven’t had any luck. What we do know is they claim their was only approx 27,000 WHB in 1971, and that is their basis for most everything. But a few of us have found documents that show significantly higher WHB numbers and that BLM straight up lied to us about those #’s, even lied to Congress which is illegal. If I find a diffinitive source for AML, I will let you know.

  19. Stop rounding up or wild horses! We as taxpayers do not want our tax dollars spent on this cruel and inhumane roundup!

  20. So disgusting to see all the list of cruel and unjustified roundups of America’s precious wild horses and burros — animals who do so much true good for the life community and yet are lied about, scapegoated and eliminated from their rightful and legal habitats! This is a real abomination and must stop! See my website and book by the same title.

  21. These sat google images are very old..Wheatland was a cattle yard as shown and increased in size when the BLM set the Zimmerers up with their 5 year contract. The family moved from their feedlots in NE into new manufactured homes sitting right on hwy 320 NE of the pens. There is a small BLM office moved in Jan 20′ SO end.
    Usable acres maybe 80..over 80 more are all hay growing fields.. The horses are contained in less than 50 ?acres a cattle livestock yard. I have posted photos since 21′.
    BLM is warehousing these WHB for slaughter ..there were no adoptions here but one Nov 5th 21′ it was a 15 horse 10 burro showboat for the BLMs 50 year anniversary. No adoptions here since.. BLM only adopts 10 to 12% of the roundedup. Many go straight to slaughter from the ranges..esp if the are loaded into the Cattoor and Sampson semis.
    I have interviews and many photos from Wheatland livestock facility since 21′. Ask me on PM Qs if you want to.

  22. I assume this is just a few of the facilities as very few horses are mentioned on these ranches. Wheatland by contrast has a vast amount of land but if I remember correctly the corrals are on only 20 acres of this thus 3500 horses in that space is a recipe for disaster. Now that they are full the few adoptions won’t make much space for the new roundups. So where are BLM going to put the new roundups? If in present corrals Where are all the horses from last year. Don’t you think BLM should be accountable for where all these horses are? They should have them on their records if they are a professional accountable Gov industry????? Think a request should be made.

    1. Jane, I agree, and that is the point of trying to ty all the info together to make sense of the bullshit BLM spews. I have added every corral or pasture I have heard of, many listed are now closed (but we will keep the on record).

      I’ve never been to wheatland, and can only go by the words and docs I find. But the images do seem like it is only 20 acres of square corrals. BLM does say it has grown, and shows some new circle plots in a PDF, google maps doesn’t show those corrals yet. I would like to see some new images taken from the tour.

  23. This is a great article about how to make healthy meals for dogs with wholesome ingredients. The inclusion of a recipe for a delicious Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup for humans is a bonus.

  24. MEDIA COVERAGE for *Wild Horse Fire Brigade Org* in the past 90-days

    This should tell legislators and county officials something! People are wising up fast to the fact that current wildfire strategies and management being given a FAIL.

    Wildfires and toxic smoke are a major topic for people running for office, and now they will have to take a position and actually posit a NEW plan to reduce the frequency and intensity of catastrophic wildfire and toxic smoke, in front of the microphones and cameras. Voters wanna know the PLAN to stop these Serial Killers.

    This Open Letter to the Supervisors of Siskiyou County (home of McKinney Fire) was published during the McKinney Fire.

    Lost Opportunity to Prevent Catastrophic Wildfire


    Equilibrium/Sustainability — Wild horses could help temper Western wildfires

    NPR National:

    Short Wave:

    Wild Horses Could Keep Wildfire At Bay

    ABC15 Phoenix Arizona:

    Could horses be the solution to preventing wildfires in our state?


    Mustangs Used For Wildfire Mitigation? Nonprofit Proposes Possible Solution To Wild Horse Debate

    ABC NEWSWATCH 12 KDRV – Medford:

    More wild horses equals less fire fuels

    Cheers! William E. Simpson II

    Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
    Founder-CEO Wild Horse Fire Brigade
    Ethologist – Author – Conservationist
    Wild Horse Ranch
    P.O. Bx. 202 – Yreka, CA 96097
    Creator: Wild Horse Fire Brigade (
    Author @ HorseTalk
    Member: IMDb
    Muck Rack:

    William E. Simpson II is an ethologist living among and studying free-roaming native species American wild horses. William is the award-winning producer of the micro-documentary film ‘Wild Horses’. He is the author of a new Study about the behavioral ecology of wild horses, two published books and more than 150 published articles on subjects related to wild horses, wildlife, wildfire, and public land (forest) management. He has appeared on NBC NEWS, ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, theDoveTV and has been a guest on numerous talk radio shows including the Lars Larson Show, the Bill Meyer Show, and on NPR Jefferson Public Radio.

    Check out William’s Film Freeway account for films, studies, TV & radio interviews, and more HERE:

  25. Thank you, Jennifer. I am sure this was Lacey’s life before you found her. I was so blessed to have her in my life. I tried to adopt another, but it didn’t work out. I just wanted another Lacey. She was such a gentle, beautiful soul.

    1. There’s a good possibility Lacey and the dogs in the picture were from the same owner. He denied it when I confronted him but the fact that she had been breeded so much and was at the end of her need is why he released her, at least that’s what I believe

  26. Interesting that this post is anonymous, when Jennifer has researched well. Is this comment from a BLM empliyee or associate

  27. What you have compiled here is as herculean of an effort as it gets. Mind-numbing, backbreaking, labor of love. And very deeply appreciated. Thank you, Jennifer!

  28. Hi Jennifer,
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Lantana Natural Area yesterday. I hope you got some good pics. You have some beautiful work here. I look forward to seeing more of it.
    -Tim Robinson


  30. You are a jewel, a wonderful sparkling diamond. I could never what you have done. i wish ALL hose advocats, experienced or not, should read every bit of your site!

  31. Telling how it truly is. Wake up America! Stop the greed, lies and murder of the American wild horses. Politicians like to say remember the Holocaust, how about they remember the slaughter of our Indigenous? This is no different, killing for profit, you are all so sick, deceptive and evil.

  32. Excellent. Now, this should be published by every newspaper, tv station, online news organizations, etc.

    1. Thanks Susan… I wish I could have said it all on the EA. the best I could do was link to this. I felt so censored as I repeatedly had to delete the majority of this to fit in their word count box.

  33. I am so glad I found this group of people. I have been thinking the same thing for years. unfortunately my health has set me back. I just did 5 major surgeries in 15 months and currently booking surgeries 42 and 43! I also have one wild mustang rescued out of a kill pen. Cortez was wild, senior, abused, starved and beaten. I have had him and a crippled mare Rain for 6 1/2 years. Cortez is MY inspiration !!! I promised him NEVER AGAIN and I would do all I could for his wild family. I begged him to live. He had the given up look in his eyes. I told him you have a MOM now and I will fight for you! I have never stopped fighting for his family. Cortez’s HMA is just south of me (southern Oregon) called the Twin Peaks HMA. It’s the largest HMA, yet BLM rounded up these mustangs who have plenty of lands and water etc. It runs from Susanville, Calif to Washoe County, Nevada. What worries me more however is the 2 small herds in Oregon. They were also rounded up this year! The one herd had approx 150 horses and BLM rounded up approx 75 to 80 not counting those who were killed or died. This herd is no longer a viable population. It will die out on its own now. There’s not enough genetic diversity to keep the herd alive. I tried to raise a outcry, but these small herds do not have the “drawing” attention like well known bigger herds. No one seemed to notice or care. Please help me keep these smaller herds noticed and let’s fight for All wild horses not just the well known named herds!! Thank you!

  34. Hi Jennifer,
    I, too, am newish to the shocking news and need to advocate for North America’s wild horses, too. I started watching videos during a research on the slaughter industry, which has led me to current research on our wild horses disappearances and extrapolations. It’s all ran by big money and cattle ranchers’ interests. I’ve researched and followed articles, YouTube videos, and some other websites for the past year or two. Have you come across “American Wild Horse Campaign’s” website yet? They have had a few successes with litigation hearings and other horse rescue initiatives, involving strong attorneys and rescue organizations. They currently discuss the most recent roundup held in Wyoming’s Checkerboard Region. It is the largest in history. AWHC also has a page of previous roundups dating back to 2019. BLM’s plan for Wyoming covers 3.4 million acres that will conclude to remove 50% of the states wild mustangs, a total of 3,555 horses. Here is a link to the day-to-day status and numbers rounded up, birth control management, and some being released onto designated new land. The reports are from one of their representatives, who is also a photographer.

    This website helped a newbie, like me, find out a lot of information on this devastating topic. I also found a report and discussion on how the Salt River Horses were saved from removal. Not sure what state you’re in, but I found your page on AWHC, so you may know this about the horses. These similar methods and plans could be incorporated to use, with certain special interest groups who want them removed, as a stepping stone in collaborating efforts to save our wild horses. Here is a link I found on US Forest Service’s website for Tonto National Forest, AZ:

    More information check this link here, too.

    Since I’m in school right now, I have access to research databases, so Ile to was able to fully download this book from a 2013 scientific perspective. You might be to open it on their “guest” access. I haven’t read it completely, only found some pieces of information in articles.

    Here is a list of other resources I found:

    Well, I hope some of these links help, as I would love to get involved with your new group more. I’m actually studying business finance and hope to finish with a business analytic’s degree, too. Some day, I may be able to help more. I also sent a request to volunteer with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to learn more about these majestic creatures and efforts that helped their safety in the wild. Take care…Christina

  35. —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 6:07 AM
    The WH&B program has provision for developing a Herd Area Management Plan designed to implement management actions or areas designated as Herd Management Areas through the land use plan. (i.e.Resource Management Plan amendments) The burden to demonstrate that BLM’s inventory of the 1971 WH&B areas of use was in error falls to the challenger. When the plans establishing areas of use was approved, it represented BLM’s decision based on best available data. If the public has quantifiable data which shows there may be an error, they need to provide those data to petition BLM to reconsider the decision. I know of only two cases where this has happened.
    One in Tonopha where Joe Fallini won a decision in District Court greatly reducing the size of the Reveille HMA and the second in Phoenix where the public provided maps that had not been considered during the RMP/HMA decision. I can’t remember the name of the HMA but Kelly Grissom, former AZ WH&B Specialist, or Karen Sussman, who was President of ISPMB at the time, would.

    Tom Pogacnik
    Deputy State Director, Natural Resources Bureau of Land Management
    2800 Cottage Way
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    (916) 978-4637

  36. THIS IS EXCELLENT AGAIN. Working my way through it. Seems all too fast and too much to comprehend. The good thing is it will not disappear but get more and stay updated. I am copying the map to see whether I can find a way to overlay it with the flights today.

  37. You are doing a splendid job, your Wish list is great, factual and much clearer. BLM are making the track difficult to follow. Thus making it very difficult to know where the horses are going.?
    We need people in areas that are prepared to put in an effort to do reporting with video footage. Even if they drive around near the borders for put up holding facilities. Anything suspicious.
    This areal counting method with grids is a little confusing, does that mean they estimate the number of horses? or does each grid overlap an HMA.
    Are HMA’s registered or are HA’s registered or are these made up areas by BLM like their Internal Memorandums. Its difficult to know what is a legal entity, for example is BLM’s IM legal, if so where does legal begin and end?
    Has anyone in areas that need Drone checking have any contacts?
    My thought is that if sufficient clear information is available with proof then one could go with a brochure or to a large organization or person/celebrity and ask them to back aerial flights to do a proper count?
    An inside person for property to keep advocates abreast with land coming up with BLM or land adjoining the Public lands, for a possible fund raising to buy land. Interestingly in the information you have put forward I see some of the allotments have been leased from BLM for Horses?? I thought BLM did not allow wild horses to reside in allotment areas, Madelein Pickens could not take allotments for wild horses. Well once the horses have been adopted they are not deemed Wild horses and have a freeze brand on them so could a consortium apply for an allotment for these?
    It may be worth contacting Madelein Pickens for any other insight into the Mustangs and her ideas, that is once one has proven that enough prep work has been done.
    Anyway these are a few thoughts, thank you again for what you are doing.

  38. When I checked the Cattoor website they proudly state “over 150,000 wild horses, burros and wild cattle rounded up” … and they dare to use the word “humanely.” When I was at the BLM National with David Jenkins in Grand Junction and then with BLM Rock Springs last week (Kimberlee Foster) I brought up the horrific track record by Cattoor Livestock and they were NOT WILLING to discuss anything about Cattoor but they both wrote notes on their pads about what I was describing. I did lodge an FAA complaint about Cattoor helicopter operations as well but have heard NOTHING back from the FAA…

  39. New to this group but was referred here as I am looking for facts to put together to mail out to decision makers in Washington. I also would be interesting in starting a blog to get peoples awareness.

  40. Thanks for this great compilation of facts and figures and guidance on how to act to reverse the terrible injustice to America’s last wild horses and burros!

  41. Hello Deb
    Thank you for joining the fight. I read the transcript of the recent podcast on the wild horse roundups and was astounded at the BLM propaganda talking points of drought and overpopulation with no regard to actual facts pertaining to herd mismanagement and advocacy. I have tried to submit a response to NPR for several days, actually almost a week now and keep getting an error message “sorry something went wrong” you comment did not go through. Perhaps you could tell me how to contact them with my comments without going through their comment section on the website. I know several people offered rebuttals to the piece and I think there should be another piece written with “the rest of the story.”
    thanks for your time

  42. This all falls onto deaf ears, Even our attempt to mention the skyrocketing expenses and the less expensive alternatives. Yet it seems the environment has taken the drivers’ seat and watching. —There also is a well heeled effort to privatize the public lands and the story of the wild horses might continue in an unexpected chapter. thank you for your work

  43. Please request your ELECTEDS to facilitate the addition of America’s Wild Horses as a Native American Cultural Resource to amend the fatally flawed resource management plans as I sent to Sara Bronin.
    Since the 1976 Kleppe v, New Mexico Supreme Court established the wildlife status for Wild horse and burro herd, the US Fish and Wildlife Service should be accountable for their PROTECTION under the Endangered Species Act. .…/special-planning-designations/acec

    Failure to identify the Wild horse and burro as a Cultural Resource has extinguished many distinct population segments of Native North American Herds. It is the duty of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) to correct this fatal flaw and facilitate the amendment of Resource Management plans.
    In 2015, California legislature added a requirement for incorporating tribal cultural resources into the California Environmental Quality Act. However, existing US laws fail to incorporate assessments of the impacts and effects of proposed projects and activities on communities and American Indian tribes. The concerns in this article go beyond the scope of historic properties as defined by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and includes living cultures and their values as reflected by the environments within which their beliefs systems are based.
    The wild horse/burro as a ”property issue “ was addressed in 1984 when the government had Hughes sign an agreement in which he acknowledged that the adopted horses remained the property of the United States. He was convicted for conversion of government property under Sec 641, a theft provision which requires a showing that the defendant knowingly converted property of the United States. Conversion of the protected inventory/property after capture takes many forms that are prohibited. See

    The evolution of the wild horse and burro today has resulted in herds that have been subjected and adapted to the harshest of environments and predators. But can they survive the biggest threat of all…a government with an extinguishment agenda of America’s Protected Icon?

    Mandates see;

    The First Americans, Their Customs, Art, History and How They Lived
    Chief Consultant Stanley Fried PH.d. ,
    Curator Dept of Anthropology: The American Museum of Natural History

    Brief Summary of multiple tribal horse cultural references:
    The Southwest Indians were the first of all tribes to own horses. They initially tended those of the Spaniards and Europeans, and inevitably came to own and selectively manage their own herds. Being responsible for the horses’ care, Tribal women’s lives were also radically altered as her bridal value was calculated on the number of horses her suitor gave her father.
    By 1770 nearly every grassland tribe was well supplied with mounts and became peerless riders and breeders. To the white man coming onto the Plains, these pintos, duns, and splotched cayuses appeared no match for their own heavy grain fed mounts, yet in battle or on the hunt the Indian’s horses far excelled those of the Europeans. See more:
    The evolution of the wild horse and burro today has resulted in herds that have been subjected and adapted to the harshest of environments and predators. But can they survive the biggest threat of all…a government with an extinguishment agenda of America’s Protected Icon?

    Mandates see;

  44. About extinct,no equine needs fertility control. Court ordered pendley to end roundups and put them back. He instead began historical roundups and haaland stands w dts agenda breaking more laws. The cruelty is heartless. The balance ecosystems cattle are destroying our lands. 1 horse stands amonst thousands of sheep theres No emergency roundup of sheep n cattle! It is a meat mafia. All will die. Its unamerican. They built this country. Foight our wars. Its sickening what blm calls management!

  45. I would love to take a moment to THANK YOU❤️🙏😇🐴🥰
    You have been working very hard for a long time and your information gathered and shared should now give a much CLEARER picture as to what goes on behind our backs and many people not knowing that this is even happening right now.
    I am as heart broken as you and many, many others. I will do all that I can to STOP all of this.
    Horses and Burros are here to help us in so, so, many ways. They are strong, beautiful, loyal, loving, rock hard family members that bond for life. They are a GIFT to US and with RESPECT and LOVING CARE, they want to help us.
    To all of the people that read all of these statistics and look at the beautiful pictures that Jennifer has put together, PLEASE SHARE THIS TO THE WHOLE WORLD🙏❤️😇🐴💜 and THANK YOU again Jennifer🥰

  46. Thank you for from the bottom of my heart for all of this!!! All of God’s creations means everything to me. I protect, preserve, fight and speak up for them! I will share this info with all I know. It is so valuable! ~Tiger

  47. As I’m sure you’re aware, within there are layers of data, regarding rangeland conditions(water, forage etc), grazing impacts, grazing allotments, WH&B populations, O&G leases etc…

    In the course of months, I have become semi-pro at ferreting-out these sources…

    The link from is a site for overlaying these sources to create impact maps. I’m not aware of any efforts within BLM to develop capabilities like these… I am aware that some fire-fighting authorities use mapping capabilities like this in fighting wildfires.

    I’m wondering if we could work together to pull together layers of HMA data over a number of years to display the impact of BLM policies on rangeland health.

    I’d like to open a discussion of how to do this given our collective expertise?

  48. Is there a specific link to send you information? I have media info for a few states on spreadsheets. Sorry if I’m missing it.

      1. I’m heading to BLM in Grand Junction and doing an interview on Friday IF I can get anyone to talk to me on camera.

  49. I’m in! I am also new to this fight but I have been doing a lot of research myself and I’m having the same problem, I read something with get info move on to something else to learn more and can’t remember where the other info was! I’m in Tooele, Utah right the Onaqui that you visited. I can work on finding info for my state.

    1. What I need from someone on the ground will be recent livestock evidence Pictures/ headcounts /documentation, and keep dates of your activity (others can also add to that), now and in the future in the individual HMA’s (only, not HA’s) for Utah, or wherever you may roam that shows why the horses were really removed. I think I can show the numbers from statistical viewpoint, but pictures speak the truth. I have tons of downloaded info already, I just have to get it transferred to site. Once its up, the wish lists will change. Welcome aboard!

  50. I’m in big time! Can get you links to MN news agencies. I’m an environmental engineer by trade and can review EAs and EIS documents, lived in MT for ten years and worked throughout the west, especially WY, doing EA work. Great with data organization and presentation. Jack of many trades and mostly a problem solver. Just say the word!

    1. Fantastic!

      Yes, Ill have then uploaded tonight. I don’t know what EA, and EIS docs are (though I may already know as I have been reviewing so many docs lately), but I’m betting its a lot of details which is what we are working with. Can you build spread sheets… I’m clueless. 🙂

  51. I’ve found years of BLM corruption in Colo. Now im getting first hand interviews..documenting through ” Not Pretty Horse photos” the Truth about WHB misconduct and shear greed of BLM/USFS and Advos and KILL buyers.
    So much usery and hatred toward OUR protected WILDS.
    More later.

  52. I’m wondering if any of these facilities are non-profits. If so their financial information can be obtained from Guidestar. It is public knowledge.

  53. Jennifer, the BLM wants the public to believe that the leftover horses are turned out on range land to live their lives when in fact most, 50k plus are in federal holding pens for life. Fallon NV is one location.

    1. Yes, I saw a few of those pastures mentioned in their facilities. They don’t have that many according to their holding abilities. A few places are even closed.
      That’s why a database like this will be crucial for long term documentation!

  54. I’m donating to several wildhorse groups. My background is working as a host with TV and radio though for firearms groups and running a women’s outdoor charity foundation. Right now I’m working on getting NPR to cover the wildhorse issues and specifically the mismanagement by BLM. I just signed up to help the MARR Express Ride starting in Arizona to go cross country telling the Wildhorse story…

    1. Hey Deb… That’s fantastic. We need people like you who are actively making efforts. So many talk and that’s about it. Look over the site when you have time and let me know where you can help. Media is great! If you already have video or something built somewhere. No hurry… I’m only a week in and swamped getting working pages up. Any ideas area definitely welcomed an I will get them up a soon as I can! Welcome to the group. Your the first member! 🙂

    2. Network/Cable Television
      National Public Radio
      1111 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
      Phone: 202-513-2000 / 202-513-3232
      Contact form
      Ombudsman/Public Editor, Elizabeth Jensen: @ejensenNYC

  55. Very well written, no surprise, the GOP only care about being in power. Keeping their job is more important then doing their job. Instead of drafting policies that attract minority voters, they do everything in their power to stop them from voting.

      1. My pleasure Jennifer! I can see why. It’s captivating. I looked around your site and you’re very talented.
        Take care

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